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EdChoice Scholarship

  • 100% of accepted students are eligible for grants ranging from $950 to $8,407. Some families who meet federal poverty pay $0 in tuition. 
  • Program details at Ohio Department of Education (ODE) EdChoice
  • Students must be accepted and registered at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School before applying for EdChoice Scholarship.
  • Complete (Required) Financial Aid application
What is EdChoice?
The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program, made possible through Ohio's Department of Education, provides an opportunity for students from underperforming public schools to attend participating private schools like St. Vincent-St. Mary High School (STVM). This scholarship provides funds that families can apply toward school tuition.

What is the amount of the EdChoice Scholarship?
Currently, eligible EdChoice families are granted $7,500 toward the tuition of a private high school. That equates to a discount of over fifty percent of STVM tuition!

How do I know if we are eligible to apply for the EdChoice Scholarship?
EdChoice eligibility is determined solely by the state of Ohio, not by STVM personnel. Visit the Ohio Department of Education to view the list of eligible school districts.

How do I apply for the EdChoice Scholarship or receive more information about it?
To receive more information about the EdChoice Scholarship, visit the Ohio Department of Education.

To apply for the EdChoice Scholarship, your eligible child must first apply and be accepted to STVM. We will provide you with an EdChoice application and further directions at the time of your child's acceptance.

Is the EdChoice Scholarship renewable?
Yes, the scholarship can be renewed each year through grade 12 as long as the student:
  • Does not move to another public-school district (unless the student would be assigned to an EdChoice-designated public school in the student's new district).
  • Takes all required state achievement tests.
  • Does not have more than 20 unexcused absences for the school year.
What costs are not covered?
EdChoice Scholarship funds are applicable to tuition only. Families are responsible for the remaining balance, as well as additional fees (i.e., registration, course materials, etc.). STVM offers various payment plans and other discounts to assist families with managing school costs.

Families are welcome to apply for financial aid to determine eligibility for additional funding opportunities.

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