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    The St. Vincent-St. Mary High School Foundation supports the high school and has been a major contributor since its inception in 1983.

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  • James "Jim" S. Simon VM93

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    Vice President
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Currently, the Foundation has 57 Family and Memorial Scholarships. Many of our students receive thousands of dollars in scholarship money, which enables them to attend St Vincent-St Mary. The Foundation has a fiduciary responsibility to the donors of the Endowed funds and oversees the investment and management of these funds. The Foundation also supports continuous capital improvements as well as new property acquisitions  and special projects to enhance the school learning experience and expand our campus in the future.

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  • Legacy & Estate Gifts

    Charitable gift planning, or planned giving, means making a charitable gift of estate assets to one or more nonprofit organizations like St. Vincent-St. Mary. It presents all members of the St. Vincent-St. Mary family - alumni, parents, parents of alumni and friends - an opportunity to make a substantial gift that is arranged now and paid later. 
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  • Establish a Family & Memorial Scholarship

    Thank you for your interest in establishing a scholarship within the Family and Memorial fund of the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School Foundation. The Foundation is a public charity recognized by the IRS pursuant to IRC section 501(c)(3). Gifts to the Foundation, whether for a scholarship or otherwise, are absolute and irrevocable. Click the link below or contact our Scholarship Coordinator at (330) 253-9113 ext. 158.
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Family & Memorial Scholarships

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  • Coach Illya McGee Family Scholarship-Live Like Ill #McGee Strong

    Established in 2024 by Vikki McGee in memory of Coach Illya McGee. Coach Ill was a man of integrity, character, a leader of men and women, a beacon in the community, an advocate for youth, a contagious spirit of joy, and a humble and kind hearted soul who would give you the shirt off his back. As a father figure to many and a role model for all, Coach Ill showed students how to be prepared for life. He is remembered for his intense passion, loyal spirit, kind smile and for the immense life lessons with which he blessed the students of STVM.

    The ideal candidate for this scholarship will exhibit characteristics that include:
    • Loyalty
    • Family-oriented
    • Compassionate
    • Commitment to their community.
    The scholarship is available to current students who are in good standing at STVM.
  • Michelle Sutter V71, Mary Anne Sutter VM74, Michael Sutter VM77 Family Memorial Scholarship

  • Nick & Eileen Antonino Family Scholarship

    As a young boy, Nick Antonino V56 wanted to go to St. Vincent High School. It was a dream he did not really think would come true; however, when he received a scholarship to St. Vincent High School upon graduating from St. Hedwig Elementary School, Nick found himself living his dream. Nick views his education at St. Vincent as his springboard to life. The discipline and hard work that the teachers expected, reinforcing his parents’ philosophy, have molded him. A “never gives up” attitude driven home through the classroom and athletic programs he experienced in high school has been his model. The successful people that have come from the school have been an inspiration to him. He values the life-long friendships that he formed during his high school days. In an effort to give other students the opportunities and the experiences of the school’s wonderful tradition, Nick has created the Nick & Eileen Antonino Family Scholarship.
  • St. Vincent-St. Mary Leprechaun Scholarship

    Established in 2023 by Al Graf VM76 to celebrate the Irish school spirit at St. Vincent-St. Mary. This scholarship is awarded to the senior student that has been selected to serve as our school mascot.
  • Thomas and Margaret Antonino Memorial Scholarship

    The Thomas and Margaret Antonino Memorial Scholarship was established to provide the opportunity for a deserving student from a parochial grade school to benefit from the excellent education offered at STVM.
  • Thomas L. & Annette M. Bader Scholarship

    As a surprise to their parents, John (“Jack”) and Barbara (“Bobbie”) Bader, the Bader children decided to create the Bader Family Scholarship as a legacy to the long history they have to the school which still continues. The occasion was the 80th birthdays of both parents who were born only a month apart. When presented with this wonderful gift, Jack and Bobbie felt that they could not think of a more perfect way to give back to the school that gave them so much. Jack and Bobbie are both from the St. Vincent Class of 1941. They met at St. Vincent High School and fell in love at St. Vincent High School. As continuously strong supporters of St. Vincent High School and St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, they have also seen many of their children and grandchildren graduate from their alma mater. After Jack passed away in June of 2007, his children decided to keep donating to the fund as a tribute to his legacy. Those who were fortunate to know Jack Bader, have fond recollections of his warmth, personality, and loving spirit. He will be truly missed. The family hopes that all recipients of the scholarship carry on in a manner that reflects Jack Bader’s zest for life and true love of family.
  • Ralph L. and Florence A. Bernard Memorial Scholarship

    The passion the Bernard Family has toward Catholic education is apparent in their generosity. The philosophy of Ralph Bernard, Sr. was that he liked to help the person who needed the boost. The student who works hard, makes decent grades, but does not get the spotlight is the one he felt has earned his recognition. The Bernard Family takes a great deal of interest in those who receive their scholarship and a great deal of interest in what they pursue after high school. This scholarship was established in honor of Mr. Bernard and his wife, Florence O'Neil Bernard, who graduated from St. Vincent High School in 1933.
  • Bertsch Family Scholarship

    Generations of Bertsch’s have benefited by education from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and its predecessor schools. Paul V56 and Marianne (Spindell V60) Bertsch wish to extend this scholarship opportunity for others to attend an excellent Catholic college preparatory high school and, therefore, have established this scholarship fund.
  • Breiding Family Scholarship

    Richard Breiding V46 and his wife, Elizabeth Donohue Breiding V47 and their 12 children, all graduates of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, 36 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren know the value of working together to obtain a St. Vincent-St. Mary High School education. Three generations of Breidings have worked to help with their tuition. They have established the Breiding Family Scholarship in an effort to help those who help themselves. This scholarship is eligible to students who demonstrate how they work to earn money to help their parents with paying tuition.
  • Burr Brown Memorial Scholarship

    From the age of 8 Amy Brown VM00 knew that she wanted to attend STVM High School. Her parents also knew how she felt and did everything to make this dream possible. With their determination, help from school, and scholarships, it was possible. Amy received a great education and life experience and is certain this could not have been received from any other high school. In appreciation for what STVM did for Amy, her parents, Burr and Debbie, became very involved with STVM while Amy was a student and continued to volunteer their time even after her graduation. Debbie has continued to be a dedicated volunteer even though Amy graduated in 2000. Burr was a loyal Music Booster and helped with Drama productions and attended all sporting events. As an employee of the City of Barberton, Burr would always wear the Green & Gold on days when most Barbertonians wore purple and white to work. Amy went on to the University of Akron on a full scholarship and graduated with a dual degree and triple major in Accounting/Finance. She interned with Charles Schwab her last semester of college. She also received her MBA from Ashland University. When Burr passed away, it was clear to Amy, her mother, and the entire family that she wanted to start a scholarship in his name. She knew what the school meant to him and he was so proud the day that she graduated from STVM. Amy’s father had developed a love for the school and became a devoted Irish fan. He seldom missed a game or band show. Burr even attended the STVM vs. Hoban football game on his 25th Wedding Anniversary. He said there were other nights that they could go out, but only one Hoban game a year. Amy and her mother are pleased and proud to honor Burr through this scholarship, because for the short time he was here, he was always there for Amy and her family and he could not have been a more devoted fan of STVM!
  • Taylor Paige Ceepo Memorial Scholarship

    Taylor Paige Ceepo, a 2015 graduate of St. Vincent-St. Mary, passed away unexpectedly in May 2019 while running in the Cleveland Half Marathon. Her death was caused by undiagnosed cardiomyopathy. She was 22 years old. The friendships Taylor made through high school, college and her soccer club were priceless to her and Taylor’s smile and upbeat personality brought love and joy to everyone that she touched. The Taylor Paige Ceepo Memorial Scholarship has been created to honor Taylor’s legacy and support St. Vincent-St. Mary female students that demonstrate similar characteristics as her, including a love of family and community, a passion to learn and pursue a career in the medical field, helping others through volunteerism, and participation in athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • Christine Clark Memorial Scholarship

    Christine Clark was born on Christmas Day in 1967. She was the youngest of seven children and her entire family felt she was their special Christmas present. She was everyone’s friend. She loved her school and teachers and could have been anything she wanted to be. She was interested in computer science and had been accepted at The University of Akron. Christine was the rally chairman for the student booster club, a wrestling “mat maid” and a retreat assistant. Her senior class of 1985 chose her as the classmate with the most beautiful eyes, the most fun to be with, the most well known clown and the most awful jokes. Her loving life came to an end on Ascension Thursday, May 16, 1985, the day after her senior banquet. A 42-year-old Akron attorney, drinking at a West Market Street bar most of the evening resulting in a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, got in his car and proceeded up the 25-mile-per-hour Market Street at 80 mph. Chris was a passenger in the front seat of a car with two STVM classmates on their way home from a Cleveland Indians game. The lawyer drove into their car head-on. All three were seriously injured. Chris survived the surgery for a large blood clot on her brain but died May 26 without returning to consciousness. She would have graduated June 6. Bishop Sheldon and Fr. John Murphy presented her diploma to the Clark Family while Chris was still in the intensive care unit so she did officially graduate several days ahead of her classmates. Her eyes gave sight to two people. Her kidneys gave new life to two more people. The scholarship established in her memory is given to young people committed to helping put a stop to such tragedies.
  • Class of 1981, STVM Memorial Scholarship

    The STVM Class of 1981 is pleased to offer a memorial scholarship on an annual basis. The Class of 1981 is a very close class and has always gathered to celebrate reunions to remember the wonderful time they experienced at STVM between 1977 and 1981. Sadly, the Class of 1981 has lost a large number of classmates. Yet, out of a carrying spirit, hope, and dedication, they honor and memorialize their deceased classmates while supporting Catholic education at STVM through this scholarship. Through this scholarship award, the Class of 1981 honors the memory of Kirk Gingold, David McFrye, John Port, Ron Ross, Michael Ulman, Lynda Utrup, Monica Tenison, John Case, Jeff West, Tim O’Connor, Elizabeth Hanlon and Ron Sprungle.
  • Class of 1964, St. Vincent Memorial Scholarship

    The St. Vincent Class of 1964 Memorial Scholarship was established out of a desire to honor and to memorialize deceased classmates and spouses in perpetuity from this class. For the dedicated alumni from the St. Vincent Class of 1964, it is a perfect way to create a memorial for their classmates while supporting their alma mater and helping deserving students receive a Catholic education at STVM. Requirements: Be a member of the Freshman class; Submit maximum 300-word essay describing how a friend, mentor, or family members has played an important role in your life; list extra-curricular activities; be a student in good standing as detailed in the Code of Conduct; maintain a minimum 3.5 accumulative GPA; preference will be given to a student with a legacy connection to the St. Vincent High School Class of 1964; one year only, prior recipient(s) may reapply.
  • Msgr. Edward Bartholomew Conry Scholarship

    Edward B. Conry was one of eight children of Patrick and Margaret (Nohilly) Conry of County Galway, Ireland. He was born on a farm in Wakeman, Ohio in Huron County on April 5, 1881 and received his early education in the Wakeman public schools. When it was apparent he was an exemplary student, his parents sent him to relatives in west Cleveland where he was able to attend St. Ignatius College (later John Carroll University). After graduation from college, he entered medical school, but was discouraged by surgery and went into education. He taught at Gonzaga High School, but felt he could serve God and others in a better way. He entered St. Bernard Seminary in Rochester, New York and completed his religious training at St. Mary’s Seminary in Cleveland, Ohio. He was ordained a priest on September 14, 1918 at the age of 37. On June 30, 1941, at age 60, Fr. Conry assumed the role of spiritual leader of St. Vincent Parish in Akron. Fr. Conry initiated numerous parish activities and traditions with a special interest in “excellence” in education at both the parish grade school and high school. On June 4, 1947, Fr. Conry was appointed Monsignor and continued to direct the growth of St. Vincent Parish including the transfer of St. Vincent High School to a diocesan school from a parish school in 1955, the building of a new St. Vincent Grade School in 1956, and the 1958 building of the new field house, now part of St. Vincent - St. Mary High School. Msgr. Conry was a deeply spiritual man. Although he officially retired on October 2, 1968, he remained an active and beloved part of the parish until he was awarded with eternal life on July 15, 1979 at the age of 98.
  • Leo N. "Mox" Engler Memorial Scholarship

    Mox was a lifelong Akron resident and graduate of St. Mary High School. He was president of his senior class of 1928 and played basketball. His crowning achievement was coaching the 1929 St. Mary High School basketball team at the age of 19. He was the youngest coach in state basketball history (a record that remains unbroken) and the first to bring a state high school basketball championship to Akron. Mox was a stringer for the old Akron Times Press writing sports stories. He worked in plant protection at B.F. Goodrich for 32 years before retiring in 1975. He was also a top salesman for ten consecutive years with Reid-Benzol Dry Cleaning Company. Mr. Engler was a member of the Old Time Athletes Association, which he helped organize and was named “Athlete of the Year” in 1974. He was also honored by the community by being inducted into the Summit County Sports Hall of Fame. In 1992, he was awarded the William Schlemmer Meritorious Service Award by the Dapper Dan Club of Akron. The family of Leo N. “Mox” Engler created a scholarship in his memory upon his death in 1997.
  • Jack Fitzpatrick V44 Scholarship

    Established by long-time supporter and Fr. Mahar distinguished alumnus, Jack Fitzpatrick to award an incoming freshman student, this scholarship was motivated by a student essay written in Mrs. Anderson’s English class in Spring 2008. The essay likened Mr. Fitzpatrick’s unrestricted bequest to STVM to a hole in one – Mr. Fitzpatrick is an avid golfer and former Akron District Junior Gold Champion and standout at Notre Dame University. Mr. Fitzpatrick has always been very grateful for his St. Vincent High School education and has maintained an abiding interest in STVM throughout his adult life. Through his support of the school and its students and programs, Mr. Fitzpatrick hopes to inspire the next generation to give back or to pay it forward depending on your perspective.
  • Fongheiser Family Scholarship

    William Fongheiser was the eldest of six children of John P. and Rita E. Fongheiser. He was a member of the St. Vincent Class of 1956 and all of his siblings graduated from St. Vincent, St. Mary, or St. Vincent-St. Mary High Schools. While in high school, Bill enjoyed being a member of the Fighting Irish Marching Band; he played the tenor saxophone. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY with a BS degree in printing management. As the father of six children and husband of Florence, Bill was active in his parish in Wadsworth. He passed away on January 9, 1999 after struggling with cancer. Rita E. Fongheiser was an active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. In addition to devoting her life to her family, Rita was a community activist and received the Betty Jaycox Award, Ray Jeter Award, and the 2001 Senior Citizens Commission Award for Outstanding Older Adult. When her children were enrolled at St. Vincent’s she was an active fund-raiser for the marching band. She volunteered for the United Way for over 20 years, served as president of the Kenmore Garden Club and was involved with the Democratic Society Central Commission, Kenmore A.A.R.P., Kenmore Historical Society, and Mobile Meals. Rita was active in her parish, the Altar & Rosary Society, St. Monica’s Guild, Ancient Order of Hibernians, and National Council of Catholic Women. She was a friend of teens and devoted to their welfare as exhibited by her role as a member of the Women’s Board of Summit County Juvenile Court. She and her husband John were known in later years as the “dancing couple” after the Akron Beacon Journal printed an article about how they attributed the longevity of their marriage to dancing together every week. Rita and John had been married for nearly 68 years when she passed away May 18, 2005 at a board meeting of the Juvenile Court. The Fongheiser family created a scholarship in memory of wife and mother, Rita, and brother, William, as a means of giving financial assistance to a student at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. They wish to honor the lives of the family members who cherished their community, Catholic education, and their Catholic faith.
  • Frattura-Waltz Family Scholarship

    St. Vincent-St. Mary, St. Vincent, and St. Mary high schools have meant so much to the Frattura and Waltz families and as a result, Dick M54 and Beverly (Frattura M54) Waltz established the Frattura-Waltz Family Scholarship. Beverly’s father, Al Frattura, was sports equipment manager for 22 years during the tenures of Eddie Wentz and John Cistone and he also coached baseball with Dan Boarman. Both Dick and Bev Waltz attended St. Mary High School and were married after their college graduation. Five of their sons attended St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and went onto colleges such as Yale, Notre Dame University, Hiram, Cincinnati School of Architecture, and Berklee School of Music. Because the education received at STVM is so valuable, the Frattura-Waltz family wants to help others attend and they have been blessed to be able to assist others to receive the outstanding preparation for college and growth in their faith that they will experience at STVM.
  • Bernard and Rosalie Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship was created by the Gallagher family after the death of Bernard McKenna Gallagher in 2002 to honor Bernard's talent and love of music. He and Rosalie (Koval) Gallagher V48 (d. 2017) shared 47 married years together. Family was most important to Bernard and Rosalie, teaching their children strong faith, work ethic, integrity, honesty and loyalty. They worked hard to provide the best Catholic education for their children: Stephen VM75, Bernadette Whallon VM80, Christopher VM81 and Ann Marie VM83. After serving in the Marine Corps, Bernard was employed with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company retiring in 1986 after 31 years. He sang with the St. Vincent choir and with "The Big Little Band" visiting many nursing homes. He coached and umpired WABL baseball and FIFA soccer, volunteered at Stan Hywet and served on the St. Hilary School Board. Rosalie devoted her life to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition to raising their children, she worked as an executive secretary for General Tire and later as the librarian for St. Hilary School, retiring after 20 years. 
  • Kate (Catherine) and Jack (John) Gannon Memorial Scholarship

  • David R. and Rita George Social Service Scholarship

    This scholarship has been established to motivate and reward those young men or women that are "giving back". David R. and Rita George tirelessly give to those in need and are living examples for "what you do for the least of My brothers, that you do for Me." The George children started this scholarship to attempt to create the next generation of social servants and help instill in young people a "pay it forward" attitude and continually give to those less fortunate.
  • Gilbride Family & Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2010, the Gilbride Family and Memorial Scholarship will award a scholarship to an incoming 9th grade student from St. Vincent de Paul Parish School who intends to continue their education at St.Vincent-St.Mary High School. This scholarship was established to honor Robert Gilbride V40, Janet Keith Gilbride V41, Charles Gilbride V33, Ralph Gilbride V35, Thomas Gilbride V38, and Paul Gilbride V41. This scholarship may be awarded on the basis of financial need, academic record, character, and teacher recommendation.
  • Graf Family Scholarship

    Fritz V40 and Rita Botzum V40 Graf and their ten children: Denny V65, Judi V68 Piekarski, Larry V69, Mary V70 Kase, Jack V72, Martha VM74 Thomas, Albert VM 76, Helen, Kathie VM 81, and Paul VM82 have made a commitment to funding an annual scholarship to be awarded to a student who shares their loyalty to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and maintains high academic standards while also participating in extracurricular activities. St. Vincent-St. Mary High School appreciates the continued generosity of the Graf family for their acknowledgement of the importance of academics and extracurricular activities. Today, their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are the newest generation of St. Vincent-St. Mary alumni and students. As a family, they have decided to give back and share their legacy with current students and future alumni. Established in 1996, the Graf Family Scholarship is available to current juniors.
  • Thomas Gulka Memorial Scholarship

    Tom Gulka was a young man who always wanted to attend St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. His mom, Betty Cervino, was also very impressed with the academic standards of the school. They both thought that there was just something here that was not found in other schools. Tom’s stepsisters, Anne, Mary and Joan Cervino, also attended STVM. Tom graduated from STVM with honors. He was a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honorary, and co-captain of the football team. His favorite class was religion, and he particularly enjoyed learning about all aspects of various world religions. Tom’s former high school football coach, John Cistone, remembers Tom as one who was a good athlete, very well distinguished, and a good friend to his teammates. “He did what was right and it showed in what he pursued,” said Cistone. Kenyon College was Tom’s choice after graduation and he played football there until a knee injury in his sophomore year ended his football career. He then transferred to Ohio University and upon graduation, joined the United States Navy. Tom was serving in the Navy in San Diego when he passed away suddenly in 1992. His mother explains the purpose of his memorial scholarship by saying, “Tom loved this school and the friends he made here. His scholarship was created to help other students have the same opportunity and experience.” This goal has been and continues to be achieved. Many young people have been awarded the Thomas Gulka Memorial Scholarship and, after successful high school experiences and earning STVM diplomas, have gone on to college, most having been awarded college or university scholarships as well. This scholarship is an on-going tribute to Tom and his memory.
  • Jack and Ann Haag Scholarship

    Established in 2008, this scholarship honors the memory of Ann Noonan Haag V49 and John A. Haag V50 and was initiated by the Haag family to support primarily students in the STVM Special Education Program. Ann and Jack Haag as well as their family have been long time supporters of Catholic education, STVM, and the Hattie Larlham Foundation. Early on, Ann and Jack taught their six children to show kindness and compassion toward those with special needs. The Haag family is pleased to honor the memory of both Ann and Jack through this scholarship. If the funds are not designated for special need student(s), the scholarship will be awarded to deserving incoming senior student(s) who will attend college and major in a field with the intent to work with special populations, such as, but not limited to Special Education, Geriatrics, Nursing, or Therapy. In memory of Jack and Ann Noonan Haag, STVM Special Education students as well as those students who work or volunteer with special populations will receive ongoing support.
  • Hanlon Family Scholarship

    The Hanlon Family Scholarship was established by Deidre Hanlon and her children, Aron VM88 and Alison VM91. Ms. Hanlon has been a generous donor to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School both as a volunteer and as a donor. She is active in the Catholic community and strong supporter of Catholic education. She and her husband, Ron George, are members of St. Sebastian Parish. The scholarship is awarded to a student from St. Sebastian Grade School whose family is active in the parish and school, demonstrates financial need and committed to Catholic education.
  • James and Elizabeth Hart Memorial Scholarship

    This memorial scholarship was established in January 2009 by the Hart family as a memorial to their parents, Jim and Elizabeth Hart. Jim was a 1933 graduate of St Vincent High School and Elizabeth a 1937 graduate. Both were excellent students who participated in extracurricular activities at school. Their four children are all graduates of St. Vincent High School or St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.
  • Henkel Family Scholarship

    The late Bill Henkel was a graduate of St. Mary High School Class of 1954. As a parent, Mr. Henkel chose to send his children to St. Vincent - St. Mary High School. His daughter, Kristy Henkel, graduated in 1986 and his daughter, Tara Henkel Stottlemire, graduated in 1989. Mr. Henkel’s commitment to his alma mater ran deep, as demonstrated in his generosity through the years. He always expressed his dedication to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and endowed this scholarship: “This is an effort to assure that a quality Catholic education continues to be available to today’s high school students.” He established the Henkel Family Scholarship to help make a difference for students who desire the opportunity for a Catholic education at St. Vincent- St. Mary High School.
  • Newt Henry Memorial Scholarship

    There are many who through their daily lives contribute so much of themselves to the continuing success of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, and so often they remain unknown. However, anyone who has known of the outstanding service of Newton N. Henry has not forgotten him. Newt was a vice president of a savings and loan, president of the Summit/Portage Savings and Loan League, and an officer and member of the Ohio Savings and Loan League, Akron Board of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate Appraisers. He served the greater Akron community as a member of the South Akron Board of Trade, the Summit County Chapter of the American Heart Association, the NEO Chapter of the American Cancer Society, Downtown Toastmasters, West Akron Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus Council 547, Downtown Renewal Planning Committee, United Way Volunteers, and was an American Red Cross emergency blood donor. In addition to all of these involvements, Newt was ever-present at STVM. He was an active member of the Booster Club from 1948 and a board member. He served on the school’s Secondary Education Commission for five years. He was the Sunday night Bingo caller, supported all sports and Booster Club activities, served as trustee of the Vinciguerra Scholarship Fund, and was the announcer for home football games. He also coached CYO football in the 60’s and 70’s, and won a CYO championship. Newt V47, his wife Alice Dannemiller V46 Henry, their six children and three grandchildren all graduated from St. Vincent or St. Vincent-St. Mary and he personally contributed to give financial aid to children other than his own. Newt loved his school and served it with every ounce of his energy. The scholarship established in his memory seeks to help young people who will one day follow in his footsteps.
  • Brian E. Heslop Memorial Scholarship

    Brian Heslop was a lifelong member of the St. Vincent-St. Mary community. St. Vincent Church was the center of many happy and important events in his life, including his Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and graduation from St. Vincent Grade School after having attended from Kindergarten through eighth grade, and Baccalaureate Mass of his graduation from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in 1995. At St. Vincent Grade School, Brian participated in CYO soccer, basketball and volleyball, and was a member of four CYO championship volleyball teams. Always a fan of the St. Vincent-St. Mary Irish teams, Brian knew he would attend St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. He played freshman and JV basketball, while continuing to also play CYO high school volleyball and basketball. Brian especially loved his history classes, supportive teachers and the many loyal friends he made at STVM. He volunteered at the Akron Food Bank with his mother, Pat, and his sister Katie VM98. He was also a member of his senior year homecoming court. After being diagnosed with lymphoma, Brian volunteered with Camp C.H.O.P.S., which provides a weekend of activities for children with cancer. He was also a member of the Teen Cancer Support Group at Children’s Hospital and the 24-Hour Relay for Life Team, which raised funds for the American Cancer Society. The strength and courage of Brian Heslop inspired all that knew him. Despite his illness and series of treatments, he enjoyed his senior year and special times, especially golfing with his friends. After his death in May 1996, his friends and family established a scholarship in his memory and continue to raise funds for this scholarship through golf outings and donations. This scholarship is a tribute to his memory and his legacy to the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School community, which he dearly loved.
  • Ray Kapper M56 Memorial Scholarship

    Ray Kapper M56 dedicated his professional career to serving his community. Whether serving the citizens of the City of Akron as an elected official or young men and women as a coach and administrator, Ray Kapper put the greater-good above his own aspirations. He began his professional career as the athletic director for the Catholic Youth Organization and as head football coach at St. Mary's High School before moving on to the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company where he served as employee activities director. Kapper was elected to serve the City of Akron first as a ward councilman and then as councilman at-large. He ultimately was elected by his peers to serve as the president of the council. In 1984 Kapper was appointed to serve as service director. In that position he oversaw the City of Akron's engineering bureau, the public works bureau, the sewer bureau and the water bureau.  Kapper retired from the City of Akron due to health reasons in 1992. In retirement, Kapper continued to work in the community and support the causes that were most important to him. He was especially proud of his work with the First Tee of Akron, a youth mentoring program that provides educational programs that build character and install life-enhancing values through the game of golf. His friends have created this scholarship in his memory.  
  • Jim Kelly Memorial Scholarship

    Jim Kelly’s love for the Irish began during his years at St. Vincent Grade School. He entered St. Vincent High School in 1946 and graduated with his class in 1950. From then until his untimely death in 1988, Jim gave himself to the school that we know today as St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Before his illness, Jim only missed one athletic game in all his years at the school, including away, play- off and tournament games, and that was for the retirement celebration of his close friend, Tom Gilbride. Coach Cistone and the team dedicated their 1988 State Championship season to Jim. He was also installed in the Irish Athletic Hall of Fame and the Student Council Service Hall of Fame. Jim gave generously of his time and resources for the support of all STVM programs, both athletic and academic. He spent many years working bingo opening and closing every Sunday and Monday night. He helped with the renovation of Green Street Stadium where he worked the scoreboard and time clock for many years. He took tickets at home basketball games. Jim not only worked on every Booster Club event, but also served several terms as Chairman of the Board and held other offices and committee positions. Jim amassed thousands of volunteer hours at STVM because it was his dream that the outstanding education he received would continue to be available to all students with the desire to be a part of the Irish tradition. He was proud to be a part of providing young people with solid preparation for college as well as for facing the challenges of the real world. He cherished the lifelong friendships of his St. V Class of 1950 and wanted young people to experience the same relationships.
  • Harry and Mary Kidder Memorial Scholarship

    Harry Kidder was a teacher at St. Mary High School from 1946 to 1959, during which time he also coached every sport. Coach Kidder met the challenge of re-establishing the athletic program at St. Mary after World War II. He also guided the construction of the new football stadium where he led the Crusaders to competition with many larger city schools. Harry Kidder went on to coach at other area high schools, and he enjoyed a long, illustrious teaching and coaching career in the Greater Akron area. Mary Kidder’s life revolved around St. Mary’s Church and her love of sports. She felt that sports were important in building a sound mind and a sound body. Her tour in the U.S. Navy during WWII gave her a love for fitness and a chance to go to college. Mrs. Kidder coached Girls’ Basketball at St. Mary’s in the 1950’s and 60’s. Even then, when fewer women attended college, she pushed her athletes to get good grades, so they could go to college and broaden their horizons. Mrs. Kidder also ran the CYO Girls’ Sports Program in the 1960’s and 70’s, as well as the Search Program to help youth search for their Christian values in their lives. This scholarship was created by the family in loving memory to help deserving students continue their Catholic education.
  • Legacy Fund of 1983

    Established by the Trustees of the STVM Endowment Board to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of the STVM Endowment Fund.
  • The Lobello Family Scholarship

  • Leo P. Longville Memorial Scholarship

    Leo, along with his brothers and sisters graduated from St. Vincent High School as did his wife, Sally, and her six brothers and sisters. The six children of Leo and Sally graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School as did two of their grandchildren. Leo is pleased to have his love of and loyalty to the school expressed through this scholarship.
  • Anthony and Alice Luxeder Memorial Scholarship

    Attending St. Mary High School was an important part of forming Tony's future was well as his six siblings, all attended and graduated from Catholic schools. After graduating from St. Mary High School in 1952, Tony served four years in the US Navy and later he graduated with a Marketing degree from the University of Akron. He then went on to work for Goodrich Chemical Company as Marketing Director for Polymer Chemicals. He married Alice Gersna, a 1955 St. Vincent High School graduate, and they had four children, all of whom attended and still value their experience of gaining a positive foundation from their Catholic education. Unfortunately, after 44 years of marriage, Tony passed away from cancer. As a Catholic education was an important part of this family's history, as well as forming strong bonds and friendships, they wish to "pass it forward" to a deserving student also desiring a Catholic education.

List of 27 items.

  • Lynch Family Scholarship

    Originally established in honor of Mary Lynch who was the youngest child of Ellen and Dan Lynch’s eight children, the Lynch Family Scholarship now also memorializes outstanding alumna M. Teri Lynch V70 who passed away in Spring 2008. Five of the Lynch children graduated from St. Vincent High School. Both Mary and Teri, who suffered from cancer, hold a very special place in the hearts of their family and friends. The Lynch family, Patricia Lynch Hennessy V56, Harriet Lynch Rorar V57, Barbara Lynch Bennett V60, Helen Lynch Brown V63, Frances Lynch, and Daniel Lynch, understands the devastation cancer can be to the strength of the family, both emotionally and economically. By establishing the Lynch Family Scholarship, the Lynch family can recognize their loss and help others who have an immediate family member stricken with cancer.
  • Patricia and Edward J. Lynch, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

    Irish heritage, St. Vincent Parish, and St. Vincent- St. Mary High School have always held a special place in the lives and hearts of the Ed Lynch family. Ed was a member of the St. Vincent Class of 1937. He and his wife, Pat, made sure their four children were also graduates of St. Vincent- St. Mary High School: Pam Montisano V69, Kathleen Larson V71, Edward, Jr. V72, and Brian VM76. Many of their grandchildren are also alumni. Ed Lynch held a special place in the lives and hearts of many people. A memorial scholarship has been established for students of Irish decent by the Ed Lynch family as a lasting tribute to a man who touched many lives.
  • Larry "Hank" Mancino Memorial Scholarship

    Hank Mancino was a lifelong resident of the Akron area. Volunteer work, especially at St. Vincent-St. Mary, was central to his life. Hank was married to the former Barbara Oreolt and has four children, Barb Mancino Petruccio, Bob Mancino, Tom Mancino VM73, and Beth Mancino Hawke VM75 (deceased). In the 1960s, Hank began volunteering at St. Vincent High School under Coach Eddie Wentz as the official timer for both football and basketball games. This work led to driving the team bus for the away games under John Cistone and Ned Endress, football and basketball coaches for STVM. Hank would remain deeply involved at STVM until his passing in 2011. He was a fixture at STVM home sporting events selling and taking tickets during lunch, before wrestling matches, or in the ticket booth at Green Street Stadium. Appropriately, the ticket booth at Green Street is named in Hank's honor. Hank also volunteered his time and talents to CYO, Akron Soap Box Derby and the University of Akron. In 1995, Hank was selected as the STVM Volunteer of the Year of the Cleveland Diocese Southern Region. Then, in 2008, Hank became an honorary alumnus of STVM when he received the inaugural Irish Crusader Award alongside his dear friends, Jerry Kelly and the late Al Letta. This scholarship honors the memory of Hank and recognizes a student with solid academics, strong school spirit, and involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • Dr. Francis Mellion Memorial Scholarship

    The Dr. Frank Mellion Memorial Scholarship was established by family and classmates in 2004 to celebrate the life and work of orthodontist, “Dr. Frank”. He was the youngest of seven children and a graduate of the St. Vincent-St. Mary Class of 1977. He met his wife-to-be, Laurie, in seventh grade and they started dating during their junior year at STVM. Always one to accept a challenge, Frank was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at the age of twenty. He was going through chemotherapy and radiation while attending dental school, but only missed one day of school in four years. He not only dealt with his own battle with cancer, but he offered support for others. He was so optimistic that his doctor asked him to talk to other patients who were losing hope. Woodworking, photography, fly-fishing, hiking, and playing piano were some of the things Frank enjoyed. He had a great sense of humor which put others, especially his patients, at ease. As the father of three children, his family was his crowning jewel. Dr. Frank also gave back to the community. His involvement included the presidency of the Akron chapter of the American Cancer Society, past member of the board of the Jackson Baseball Association, and being a diplomat for the American Board of Orthodontics, to name a few. He also coached basketball for ten years and every child wanted to be on his team. This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Frank, whose 44 years of living were an inspiration to those who knew and loved him.
  • Metzger Family Scholarship

    Ed Metzger has a long history with St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Ed’s mother, Cecilia Ahern Metzger, was a St. Mary High School graduate, and Ed graduated from St. Vincent High School in 1949. Ed and his wife, Lynn, have four children, all St. Vincent-St. Mary High School graduates: Michael VM76, Anne VM77, Barbara VM79, and Mary VM81. Ed and Lynn Metzger have been active contributors to the growth of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Past principal Walt Klimaski asked Ed to participate in the formulation of our independent school status and Ed, with Dave Brennan V49 and Dave Meeker V57, formed the committee that met with Bishop Anthony Pilla to define the details of our becoming a financially independent high school in 1991. Metzger, Brennan, and Meeker established and sat on the school’s first independent Board of Trustees. Ed Metzger is also a recipient of the Fr. Thomas Mahar Outstanding Alumni Award and a member and past president of the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School Endowment Board. Ed explains that he and Lynn established the Metzger Family Scholarship because they are “ impressed with people who make the financial commitment to send their children to our school.” The Metzger Family Scholarship helps one or more of these families every year.
  • Leo B. Mills Family Memorial Scholarship

    The Leo B. Mills Family Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Leo and Margaret Mills, Rosemary Mills Wagner V46, and Patricia Mills Aldrich V52. In 1942, Leo Mills moved his family from Cuyahoga Falls to St. Vincent Parish in Akron because Catholic high school was a priority in the education of his daughters. He was very active in the parish especially after his retirement from Goodyear. He served as an usher and a member of the Holy Name Society and Booster Club. He was also involved in the golf league. In the early 1970’s, he was recognized for his service to God and Church by being named Holy Name Society Man of the Year. He could be counted on for any job he was asked to do including working at Green Street Field or painting the convent. “We are privileged to be able to pass on the gift of a Catholic education that was given to us,” noted daughter Betty Mills Dechant.
  • George R. Newkome V56 Scholarship

    Established in 2014 by alumnus Dr. Newkome, Professor of Chemistry & Polymer Science at The University of Akron, this scholarship supports an upperclassman student with a strong interest in the Sciences. The ideal candidate takes demanding Science coursework as part of a well-rounded academic schedule. The candidate must be actively involved in a STVM Science club or activity such as the University of Akron Polymer Science and Engineering Research Experience, Team America Rocketry Challenge, Science Inquiry Team, or Robotics (FRC).
  • William (Bucky) O'Connor V40 Family Scholarship

    A sincere and deep rooted love of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School began for Bucky when he attended St. Vincent High School along with his brothers Richard V38, John V41, and sister Mary (Cullen) V47. Bucky made the most of his high school experience both academically and athletically. He played football and basketball all four years. Following his service in WWII, he returned home, married Charlotte Dean, and started a family. He soon resumed his connection to St. Vincent by attending football and basketball games every year, often with a young son or daughter in tow. He supported his beloved “Fighting Irish” until his passing in 2017. Bucky instilled his love of STVM in his family as well. In addition to his siblings, graduates include Peggy (O’Connor) McDonald VM73, Tim (Buck) O’Connor VM81, Ed Brown V65 (Maureen O’Connor), Terry McDonald VM73, Theresa (Factor) Garey VM87, Julie Factor VM90, Scott Brown VM96, Aaron Brown VM97, Bill McDonald VM00, Tommy McDonald VM02, Jennifer (Leslie) McDonald VM02, Matt McDonald VM04, and Megan McDonald VM06. Through his scholarship, Bucky wanted to help a student who also has a deep love for St. Vincent-St. Mary.
  • Our Lady of Chnoc Merit Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 2012 by Bob and Jayne Gaebel, Past Parents, and Deric and Susie Gaebel VM91 Wallace to recognize a female incoming senior with outstanding character, dedication to her Catholic faith, and high academic achievement. This scholarship, named in honor of the Marian Shrine at Knock in County Mayo, Ireland, celebrates the STVM tradition of excellence in academics as well as our Irish and Catholic heritage.
  • Jim Pier Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship has been started in memory of Jim Pier to continue his legacy of leadership, generosity, and service to the community. Jim led his life fully, always believing he would end up on top because of his great source of energy, his integrity and honesty. He believed life was about grabbing a hand and pulling someone up for the greater good. He knew that much of his success was due to others lending him a helping hand and he always wanted to be that for others. Although Jim was pictured in many of the Alumni News publications, he was not a graduate of the school but gave that opportunity to all his six children and grandchildren to follow. Jim made his mark on STVM while supporting the school throughout all the years his children attended and while serving on the STVM Executive Board of Trustees. Many of the capital improvements of that time felt the imprint of Jim’s leadership. The family looks to the recipients of this scholarship to share in Jim’s zest for life, commitment to leadership and service to the community.
  • Joan Byron Perry V59 and Louis Perry M57 Family Scholarship

    Joan Byron Perry graduated from St. Vincent High School in 1959 and Lou Perry graduated from St. Mary High School in 1957. They were married on September 9, 1961 in St. Vincent Church. They have four children Tracey, Tricia, Beth and Louie. They also have 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Their daughter Beth graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in 1984 and their granddaughter Maria Arnone in 2011. Lou was an outstanding football player in high school and went on to play for Kent State University. He was a starter his junior and senior years. One of the greatest outcomes of his time playing at Kent State was his friendship with Lou Holtz, who was one of Lou's teammates. This friendship has spanned decades. After college, Lou was hired at Firestone and was the Director of Engineering. Joan was a stay-at-home mother and took care of their four children and supported Lou as he pursued his dreams in engineering. After many years at Firestone, Lou decided to start his own business, Louis Perry Engineering. Lou could not have done this without Joan's support. She did it all, from being his assistant to being the CFO. Joan helped get the business off the ground and become a huge success. 

    Over the years, Joan and Lou have been very philanthropic and have supported many charitable organizations in Northeast Ohio through their foundation. They strongly believe in a Catholic education. Longtime supporters of STVM, they feel blessed that they graduated from the school and for the lessons that were taught about how to live their lives.
  • Peter and Marylee Piglia Scholarship

    The Peter and Marylee Piglia Scholarship was created to honor the multiple generations of the Piglia family who are alumni of St. Vincent and St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Beginning with Pete (V56) and his wife: Marylee, they instilled the importance and value of a Catholic education into their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Within 10 years of his graduation from St V, Pete (V56) had completed his service to our country in US Marine Corp and founded NMG Aerospace. He grew NMG Aerospace from a basement start-up in 1967 to a world class manufacturer of aircraft parts by his retirement in 2011. During a good portion of that time, he served on the St V M board and was always a strong proponent of Catholic education, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and math. To honor his legacy, his wife: Marylee has set up this scholarship to aide students at St V M who are keenly interested in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Jane & Ben Presper Family Scholarship

    Jane and Ben grew up during the depression in Cleveland, Ohio. Their ethnic, Catholic roots centered on their neighborhood church and parish school. Jane found her “Irish spirit” at Holy Name High School in Cleveland, and Ben found that same spirit at St. Stanislaus in Cleveland and St. Joseph Seraphic College in Westmont, IL. Jane and Ben moved to Akron in 1963 and became active members and leaders at St. Hilary parish in Fairlawn. When it was time for their five children to attend high school, they were impressed by the “spirit” of the green and gold at St. Vincent St. Mary. All five children graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary – Joanne 1973, Ben, Jr. 1975, Mary Ellen 1977, Tom 1979, and David 1983. During those years Jane served as school nurse, on the St. Vincent-St. Mary School Board and two years as President of the Parent’s Association. Ben was at her side as her biggest supporter and #1 volunteer at many fundraising events. Jane and Ben have fond memories of St. Vincent-St. Mary, and enjoyed even more, watching their grandchildren continue the tradition.
  • Randall-Censky Family Marching Band Scholarship

    The Randall-Censky Family Marching Band Scholarship was established in 2012 in honor of Fr. Gordon Yahner's 50th Anniversary of Priesthood (May 2013) and Fr. Joseph Kraker, retiring as Pastor of St. Vincent Church in June 2013. This scholarship will be awarded to a student who is a member of the school's marching band. The Randall and Censky families are long-standing supporters of the band program at St. Vincent-St. Mary. Julie Censky (V56) Randall was President of the STVM Band Boosters in 1981. John Randall was a long-time supporter of the Marching Band and was on the committee that took the Band to the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade in 1981. Beth Randall-Dodd (V81) played flute and trombone and Kevin Randall (V83) played cornet in the STVM Marching Band.
  • Patrick J. Sansonetti Memorial Scholarship

    After graduating from St. Vincent in 1962, Patrick Sansonetti graduated from Kent State University and attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School Corporate Executive Program. He worked for B.F.Goodrich. From 1976-1982, he held positions in sales, product marketing and international business development for Prime Computer, Inc. It was this career move that prompted him to move to Massachusetts. During his last two years at Prime Computer, Inc., he was Director of International Operations, spanning 20 countries. Most recently Patrick served as Senior Vice President responsible for Advent International’s U.S. venture capital investment activities. Patrick Sansonetti and Susan Welsh V62 Sansonetti have strong ties to Akron and St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. After fighting cancer, Pat passed away in 1996. Prior to his death, he decided he wanted to set up a scholarship. Based upon his wish, his family and friends chose to remember him by establishing a Memorial Scholarship in his name.
  • Shamrock Cultural Charities Scholarship

    Shamrock Cultural Charities is the 501c (3) charity comprised of the members of The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Mark Heffernan Division, and The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Margaret Judge Division, located at 2000 Brown St., Akron, Ohio 44319. The mission of the Shamrock Cultural Charities is “Preserving Our Irish Cultural Heritage.” Shamrock Cultural Charities offers scholarships to deserving students with priority given to legacies of The Mark Heffernan Division and The Margaret Judge Division.
  • Sandy Singleton Smith Memorial Scholarship

    Sandy Singleton Smith V60 was a school, Church, and community volunteer doing acts of good will at her alma mater, St. Sebastian Church, and with the Christ Child Society. Sandy was also the mother of five children, Michele VM84, Marcy VM86, Barry VM88, Bryan VM89, and Brant VM91 as well as her granddaughter, Chevonne VM03. Upon her retirement from Lucky Shoes where she worked for 39 years, Sandy requested that, in lieu of retirement gifts and parties, a scholarship be established in her name at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. She was able to begin building her scholarship in the school endowment fund with the gifts she received from her retirement. Each year Sandy and her family would add what they could to the gradually growing scholarship. Her love for her alma mater drew Sandy back after her retirement as she worked the bingo program and volunteered in the high school wherever needed. Sandy was one of the school’s greatest fans of Irish athletics. Her spirit and presence exemplified Irish school spirit at its best. She actively participated in the Alumni Association as member and leader, serving as the Fr. Thomas F. Mahar Outstanding Alumni Award Chairperson, President-elect, and President. Her service and dedication to the association is a reminder of the importance of giving back. In 2005, Sandy received the Fr. Thomas F. Mahar Outstanding Alumni Award, the highest award given by the school to alumni. Sandy started the scholarship because she loved STVM and valued the education she received and in turn gave to her children. Sandy passed away in March 2005. Once again, Sandy made the request that memorials from her funeral be made to the scholarship. The Sandy Singleton Smith Memorial Scholarship will provide help to students long into the future thanks to Sandy’s sacrifice, thoughtfulness, and generosity. It is an example of how a humble idea can come to fruition and make a difference in the life of a student.
  • St. Jane Frances de Chantal Scholarship

    Established in 2016 by Susie Gaebel VM91 and Deric Wallace to benefit a female incoming freshman from St. Francis de Sales Parish School and is a registered member of St. Francis de Sales, Nativity of Our Lord Jesus, or Queen of Heaven parish whose desire it is to receive a Catholic education at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.
  • St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School Scholarship

    Established in 2008 by dedicated alumnus, Mike Sullivan V53, this scholarship is awarded to a student coming to STVM from St. Vincent parish and/or school. This scholarship highlights the important relationship and legacy between ‘little St. V’ and STVM. Mike Sullivan knows first-hand the value of a Catholic education and wants to help make this excellent foundation affordable for families.
  • Robert C. Staudt Memorial Scholarship

    Robert C. Staudt was a graduate of Buchtel High School. He worked his way through The University of Akron earning a Bachelor’s Degree and Case University earning a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1943, he converted to Catholicism and was a very devout Catholic. He was the beloved husband of Jean Ahern Staudt, a 1940 graduate of St. Vincent High School. He made sure all of their fourteen children attended St. Vincent High School or St. Vincent-St. Mary High School between 1962 and 1982: Susan Staudt V62 McKay, Ann Staudt V64 Rubel, Jean Staudt V65 Moore, Mary Staudt V68 Leuca, Robert Staudt, V69, Patricia Staudt V71 Montabone, Joseph Staudt V72, James Staudt VM 74, Michael Staudt VM75, John Staudt VM77, Martha Staudt VM78 Vetter, Deborah Staudt VM80 Sutch, Nancy Staudt VM81, Ellen Staudt VM82 Malick. Providing his children with a Catholic education was so important to Robert that in his honor, his family now gives several scholarships each year to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School students.
  • Daniel F. Steiner Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2010 after Dan passed away following a courageous battle with cancer, this scholarship honors his enthusiastic support of STVM and its students. Although Dan was a graduate of Woodridge HS, he came to adopt STVM as his alma mater and was always thought of as an alumnus. Dan and Carla Bouschere Steiner VM77 are the parents of Sean Steiner VM02, twice chaired Showcase, and were involved in numerous capital projects at STVM. Dan Steiner was also a very active volunteer with Special Olympics and the Shriners Hospital for Children.
  • Stephenson Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 1989, the Stephenson Memorial Scholarship was initiated by the Stephenson family to provide assistance to students with special education needs and to the Special Education Department of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. This scholarship honors the memory of Anne Marie Stephenson and Marie Stephenson Daly VM85. Consideration will be given to applications from St. Vincent de Paul and St. Sebastian parishes. Further, students who are legacies of St. Vincent, St. Mary, and St. Vincent-St. Mary high school will be given priority.
  • Mike Sullivan V53 Scholarship

    Established in 2008 by dedicated alumnus Mike Sullivan V53, this scholarship is awarded to a current student upon successful completion of the freshman year at STVM. Mike Sullivan knows firsthand the value of a Catholic education and wants to help make this excellent foundation affordable for families.
  • Joseph F. Trescaso Memorial Scholarship

    Joseph Flaviano Trecaso was a 1968 graduate of St. Vincent High School. Joseph was the oldest of 8 children and started the Trecaso family’s interest in wrestling at St. Vincent and later at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. He was the first of 6 boys who wrestled at STVM. Joseph starred in wrestling at St. Vincent from 1966-1968. He was a state qualifier as a sophomore and went undefeated his senior year. Joseph also participated in the band at St. Vincent. He was proud of his heritage, family and his school. Joseph died from an accident in 1969 at the young age of 19. After his death, the school’s wrestling program started the Most Dedicated Wrestler award in his honor. That award is given out every year to honor Joseph for his dedication and hard work.
  • Ray Tricomi Memorial Scholarship

    The Tricomi family created the Tricomi Family Scholarship in late 2002 to help students who want to attend St. Vincent-St. Mary High School but need assistance to make this possible. They have been faithful supporters of our school and have helped enhance the school with their contributions to the décor of the bookstore and the front hall displaying our Mission Statement. Anthony and Carol Tricomi and Ray and Linda Tricomi both sent their children, Crista VM94, Vincent VM97, and Ray VM99 to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. In February 2003, Ray VM99, at the age of twenty-one, met an untimely death in a house fire during his senior year at Allegheny College. Ray was the essence of the spirit and values of St. Vincent-St. Mary and was a gentleman and friend to all. The family decided to dedicate their newly-created scholarship to the memory of their beloved Ray who personified the Irish spirit.
  • VanDevere & Right to Life Scholarship

    Right to Life of Northeast Ohio in partnership with The VanDevere Bunch Auto, is pleased to offer up to four scholarships annually to qualified students. This scholarship not only helps to further the pro-life cause, but also to fund the education of young pro-life leaders. 
  • Leo and Margaret Walter Scholarship

    The scholarship was established July 26, 1973, in memory of Margaret A. and Leo G. Walter, Sr., who have left us for their eternal reward. Former parishioners of St. Vincent Church, they educated their ten children in Catholic grade and high schools. All of their children are graduates of St. Vincent High School. They endured many hardships and made many sacrifices in order to provide Catholic education for their children. They were firm believers that this was the only way one could bring their children up to love and know God and to go out into the world to live and teach a good Christian life which they so highly exemplified no matter what life demanded.

St. Vincent-St. Mary High School

In the spirit of the Gospel, we are committed to educate the whole person; to lead and to serve, enlightening the mind, developing the body, touching the heart, and inspiring the soul.