Maple St. Madness

STVM Maple Street Madness

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  • The Ultimate Alumni Challenge!

Attention St. Mary, St. Vincent and St. Vincent-St. Mary Alumni: get ready to participate in the ultimate alumni challenge that will redefine "High Atop a Hill in Akron" and decide which class reigns supreme! This month-long giving challenge will incorporate an NCAA-style bracket competition that includes graduating classes from all three schools. The class that wins the Championship Round will receive a complimentary tailgate at the STVM vs. Massillon Perry varsity football game on August 30, 2024. For more information on Maple Street Madness, please click below on "Challenge Information". 

Be sure to follow our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram at @stvmirish as we release more information on this exciting event!

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  • How to Make Your Participation Count!

    • Give through the Maple St. Madness platform
    • Set up a weekly recurring gift here 
    • Give through Venmo
      • Please note school, graduation year and maiden name if applicable in memo line
      • If prompted in Venmo, the last four digits of the phone number registered are 0775.
      • To be entered into the prize drawing, email your most up-to-date address to
  • Challenge Information

    • Round advancement for each class is based on the percentage of participation from each class per round.
      • If you are an alumni married to an alumni, you will each need to participate separately; Participation from each spouse will help his or her class percentage.
    • The giving percentages for each class will drop to zero (0) to start each round.
    • The bracket will be posted on social media, STVM's website, the Maple Street Madness platform, and sent in an email after each round.
    • For each round of participation, participant names will be entered into a drawing for 1 ticket to our Irish Family Car Raffle for a chance to win a 2023 Kia Forte LXS in partnership with The VanDevere Bunch.
    • The class that wins the Championship Round will receive a complimentary tailgate at the STVM vs Massillon Perry varsity football game on August 30, 2024.
    A Few Items to Note:
    • There will not be any class paired with another.
    • When you give your gift, feel free to leave a remark in the "comment" section if your gift is in memory or honor of a classmate that has passed away.
    • Gifts may be given here on the Maple Street Madness platform, Venmo @stvmirish, check, or cash (mail delivery dependent).
    • For those who wish to make your participation recurring each week, please visit the Maple Street Madness page.
    • Many have other family members who have attended St. Mary, St. Vincent, and/or STVM. Encourage your parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and/or grandparents to participate- make it a mini family competition!
    • The funds generated from Maple Street Madness will go towards the Fund for STVM, our annual giving campaign. The Fund for STVM is an essential piece that helps our financial aid program and other operating expenses. It enables STVM the ability to provide quality educational and spiritual experiences that enhance our students lives through their high school years and beyond. The 2023-2024 tuition shortfall for each STVM student is $2,200.

Tournament Schedule

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  • Round 1

    February 1-7
  • Round 2

    February 9-13
  • Round 3

    February 15-19
  • Round 4

    February 21-24
  • Round 5

    February 26 - 27
  • Championship

    February 29

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