Faculty & Staff

Elena Timms

Russian & French Teacher


College/University Attended: Kent State University
Degree: B.A., English/French - Philology
Graduate School Attended: Kuban State University
Degree: M.A., English

Classes & Extracurriculars

Teaching: Russian 1, Russian 2, Russian Honors, French 1, French 2, French Honors
Advisor: Russian Club, French Club


Mrs. Timms is very passionate about Russian language and is proud to be Russian. She was born in Russia at a resort city named Sochi. Sochi is a beautiful place with a subtropical climate, though Winter Olympic games were held there in 2014. Mrs. Timms went to Kuban State University where she got her Masters degree in English and Bachelors in French. She is currently obtaining her second Masters in French through Kent State University. After graduation, she moved to the United States where she met her husband. Mrs. Timms and her husband have 2 handsome little boys, Timothy (6) and Lucas (1), who are being raised bilingual. She loves to learn foreign languages and would love to share her knowledge with you! She is very excited call STVM home and is looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

Meet Mrs. Timms