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Barbara Wood V65

LRC Manager
Serving STVM Since


College/University Attended: Kent State University
Degree: B.A., English, Secondary Education

Classes & Extracurriculars

Advisor: Co-Advisor Senior Class, Senior Night Coordinator


Mrs. Barb Wood graduated from St. Vincent High School in 1965. She has a B.A. from Kent State University with a major in English and a minor in Education. Mrs. Wood has seven children who graduated from STVM: Gretchen Brokloff VM88 (John Carroll University '92), Colleen Wertz VM90 (Case Western Reserve University '94), Emil VM92 (Case Western Reserve University '97), Darrell VM94 (Kent State University '99), Joel VM99 (Kent State University), Corey MV01 (Akron University), and Mia VM03 (Kent State University '07). Her husband, Bob graduated from Hoban in 1965.

"When my oldest daughter started STVM in 1984, Patty Burdon and I volunteered in the STVM Bookstore when it was located in the present athletic office. After being out of education for 14 years, I enjoyed being back in the academic atmosphere, even if it was in the Bookstore. My month old baby, Mia VM03, seemed to grow up here. What started out as a one day a week volunteer effort, ended up to be a fulltime volunteer job as Patty and I soon kept the bookstore open the whole school day. For the next six years, Patty and I and very often Mia, worked in the bookstore, took over Booster Club, planned all the rallies, started the senior nights, and helped start Bingo here at the high school. Our principal, Walt Kaufmann, then offered me a job in the library, and I have been in the LRC since 1990." 
—Mrs. Barb Wood