Russian Club

The STVM Russian Club meets every month in room 345 to have an opportunity to explore and discover more about Russian language and culture. Students get a chance to: 

  • Attend the Russian Festival in Mogadore, Ohio 
  • Watch Soviet classic and modern Russian movies 
  • Eat Russian foods at our Welcome Back Picnic 
  • Create works of art (Matryoshka Dolls and Russian Eastre Eggs) 
  • Eat at Russian restaurants 
  • Celebrate Russian Holidays 
  • Watch Documentaries about Russia 
  • Enjoy Russian Cuisine (homemade meals) 
  • Attend the annual Foreign Language Club Christmas Party 
  • Go to Russian stores in and around Cleveland 
  • Learn Russian folk songs and dances 
  • Enjoy good eats at our "Do Svidanya Seniors" Picnic 

Students can also get opportunities to practice their language skills with other STVM students and those in the Russian-speaking community.

Advisors: Mrs. Elena Timms

Meeting Time: 3:10-4:10 once a week every month

Meeting Place: Room 342