Our retreat program at STVM is designed to give our students the important experience of God necessary for a solid and fruitful spiritual formation in Catholic Christianity. The themes of each retreat address important and specific topics in adolescent spiritual formation, such as "Who am I in the eyes of God?", and sexual morality.

We offer retreats for each grade level that are day-long, mandatory experiences led by our Peer Ministers. The freshmen day of reflection focuses on being confident in who you are and growing in faith at the school.  The sophomore day centers on issues of self-esteem, friendship, and relationships.  The junior day is about justice and service.  The senior day helps them see how to take their faith with them after high school.

The junior retreat is an optional, overnight experience at Loyola of the Lakes Retreat House. This retreat helps students to take a closer look at God’s involvement in their lives and how they can take more responsibility for their faith life.