The Fighting Irish

Week 8: Akron Holy War STVM vs Archbishop Hoban Football Game Info

About the Rivalry:
Often referred to as the "Akron Holy War," this rivalry between the Fighting Irish of STVM and the Knights of Hoban has always been proven to be a game to remember year in and year out. Throw the records out the door in this one because no matter what each team has done prior to this matchup, the game seems to always come down to the last play. In 1996, this rivalry was renewed after a 20 year lapse from playing each other. Since the rivalry was renewed in 1996, the teams faced off at the Rubber Bowl until it closed its gates in 2008. Since 2009, the Irish and the Knights have been playing in the University of Akron's new on-campus stadium, InfoCision Stadium. Each year they draw a huge crowd of people from throughout Northeastern Ohio. The winner of this rivalry gains possession of the Ancient Order of Hibernians Shillelagh trophy as well as bragging rights throughout the year.
2023 Game Info:
Friday, October 7 @ STVM's Green Street Stadium 7:00pm
15 N Maple Street Akron, OH 44303
Below is the ticket and spectator policy for the STVM vs Archbishop Hoban Football Game.  
Please read and follow all directions, as they will be strictly enforced. 
Venue Info: 
  1. Parking lot will be barricaded overnight and will open to fans on Friday 10/7 at 4:00pm. 
    1. Patrons will NOT be allowed to park overnight on Thursday or arrive early to “save spots.”
  2. Gates for fans WILL OPEN at 6:00pm
    1. STVM fans will enter the main ticket booth and Green Street entrance
    2. STVM students will enter the field house gate
    3. Hoban fans will enter the large gate in the parking lot, nearest the North endzone (opposite scoreboard)
    4. STVM and Hoban fans will sit on their respective sides
    5. STVM and Hoban students will remain separate
  3. Everyone must have a ticket, including STVM students and faculty. 
    1. You MAY NOT re-enter. Once you are in, you are in.  Gates will remain closed at half time. 
  4. Parking is $5 in all STVM lots. 
  5. STVM and all of its facilities are smoke free 
  6. Please abide by ALL stadium signage.
  7. Do not stand on fences immediately in front of home and visitor bleachers. You may only stand in end zone areas. 
  8. Concessions are available at all sites. Green Street Stadium concessions are cash and card only 
  9. All events are ticketed and electronic 
  10. After games, we may ask all spectators to exit the facility in a rapid manner. Facilities must be clear 15 minutes after the end of the last game. If you are waiting for a player, we ask you to do so in the parking lot.  We use this time to clean and/or flip the facility for the next game or school day.

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