Liturgical Ministers

STVM celebrates approximately 12 Masses with the entire student body each year. Mass is also celebrated as part of our grade-level days of reflection and our off-campus retreats. Additionally, we celebrate Mass at 7:15 AM on Fridays in the school chapel, and all are invited to attend. Our students can serve at the liturgy in a variety of ways. 

Eucharistic Ministers

Our Eucharistic Ministers are called to carry out the special and important ministry of distributing the body and blood of our Risen Lord to their brothers and sisters in our faith community. They have undergone specific training and are commissioned to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in their home parishes and at STVM. This ministry is a solemn responsibility and honor reserved for our seniors.


Our Lectors are trained to proclaim the Word of God to our community at our Masses and prayer services. Students in any grade who enjoy reading and public speaking are encouraged to contact the Campus Minister to become involved in this ministry.

Altar Servers

Our Altar Servers assist the priest at our Mass celebrations and model for our student body respectful and engaged liturgical worship. This ministry is open to students in all grade levels.

Liturgical Choir

Directed by Mrs. Brooke Arbaugh, our vocal music teacher, the Liturgical Choir is comprised of students in grades 9-12 and members of our faculty/staff. It leads the congregational singing at all school Masses and prayer services. The choir seeks to encourage active participation in liturgy through song and sings a variety of contemporary and praise/worship selections.