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International Thespian Society

Better known as I.T.S., this organization honors high school students for outstanding work in theatre.
THE HONOR SOCIETY'S PLEDGE READS: We promise to uphold the aims and ideals of The International Thespian Society. We are students of the theatre and excellence is our ideal. We promise to perform our parts as well as We can; to accept praise and criticism with grace; to cooperate with our fellow Thespians and work for the good of the troupe; and to share our love of theatre.

HOW TO JOIN I.T.S.? Participate in one of three productions - either the fall play, audience participation mystery dinner or spring musical. Earn 10 points - these can be earned through participating in fundraisers, acting in plays and musicals, participating as stage crew, attending local amateur and professional theatre productions, etc.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF JOINING I.T.S.? Developing an awareness and appreciation for the arts Developing communication skills Developing confidence and a positive self-image Developing an appreciation for diversity Building new friendships for a lifetime Provides leadership opportunities Provides the opportunity to be honored at our annual spring awards banquet Provides an opportunity for various activities such as: Fall Harvest Celebration, Christmas Banquet, Spring Awards banquet, Summer Car Wash, field trips to local area productions and Broadway productions, cast and crew celebrations, etc. Drama Classes St. Vincent-St. Mary High School offers four classes in the dramatic arts. These classes are electives and may be used to fulfill the fine arts requirement.

INTRODUCTION TO DRAMA: This class is designed to introduce the student to basic theatre concepts with a creative, entertaining curriculum.

ADVANCED ACTING TECHNIQUES: This class is designed to advance the skills of the novice performer with a challenging curriculum. The student will study various acting styles and techniques from masters such as Stanislavski, Growtowski, and Meisner.

TECHNICAL THEATRE: This class is designed to provide the student with the opportunities to learn about the technical aspects and careers in theatre production The student will learn the fundamental basic skills for stagecraft and construction.

AFTER-SCHOOL DRAMA This class meets after school every Friday and is designed to familiarize the student with dramatic literature that is written for performance. The student will read a variety of plays and determine the elements necessary for production. Productions The Leprechaun Theatre Guild of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School produces three main stage productions each year. Each production is student generated and may include anywhere from 75-100 students.

FALL PLAY: The fall play provides an opportunity for the student to showcase his/her skills in acting. The production also provides the opportunity for the student to become involved in stage crew.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION MYSTERY DINNER: This production gives the performer an opportunity to participate in unique theatre styles which incorporate stock characters, exaggerated scenarios, and melodramatic acting styles to engage the audience in an evening of food and fun

SPRING MUSICAL: The spring musical provides an opportunity for the student to showcase his/her skills in acting, singing, and dancing. The production also provides the opportunity for the student to become involved in stage crew.

Advisor: Mr. Gerard Neary

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