Junior Statesmen of America

What is JSA?

The Junior State of America is the largest student-run high school organization in America , with over 16,000 members throughout the U.S.A. and Canada . It is a non-partisan group filled with members that are interested in politics, government, debate, the law, and education. What makes JSA so special is that students organize every aspect of it, from the school chapter level to the national administration.

Additionally, the Junior Statesman Foundation, a non-profit 501(c) 3 educational corporation conducts annual summer programs that teach leadership skills and provide an opportunity to study state and national government at an advanced level.

Junior State members participate on two levels. On one level, they engage at the local level of JSA: organizing fundamental chapters and local events. Members also have the opportunity to take part in three exciting overnight conventions: Fall State , Winter Congress, and Spring State . Junior State conventions allow for an exchange of ideas between students through debates, thought talks, problem solving, open forum discussions, mock trials, political fairs, and many various simulations such as campaign workshops. Conventions also have social aspects, such as lunch, dinner, a talent show, and a dance.

For more information about JSA visit www.jsa.org