Intervention Services

The Intervention Services Department provides a comprehensive course of studies with Christian values centering on transitioning the individual from school to work and into independent living capabilities.

Based on criteria established by the State Board of Special Education, eligibility determination for special services encompasses the following life areas:

A. Self-care
B. Receptive/Expressive Language
C. Mobility
D. Self Direction
E. Capacity for Independent Living
F. Learning
G. Economic Self-sufficiency

If there are limitations in any one of the above-mentioned life areas, a student may be eligible for the Special Education Department at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. The measurement of limitations are determined by a multi factor evaluation administered by a psychologist. An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) will be drafted with team approval. The team may consist of the student, parents, teachers, and other ancillary services that are relevant to the individual's needs.

Not only does the Intervention Services Department offer a comprehensive course of studies for students who are transitioning from school to work and independent living capabilities, but we also offer services for students that have specific learning disabilities. These services help students prepare for their transition into a two year or four year college.

These services include:

  • Study skills
  • Time management skills
  • Extra tutoring during study hall
  • Extra time and accommodations on testing

Collaborating with the regular education teachers to ensure the student's success in his/her classes is a priority. It is also important to communicate with the regular education teachers on a regular basis to make sure each student's needs and accommodations are being met.

Working closely with parents is very important because they are their child's best advocate. Constant communication serves as a deterrent to failure and a guarantee of success.

Intervention Services Department Faculty

Mrs. Kathy Brunn
Mrs. Janice Fram
Sharon Kastelic
Mr. Dan Lancianese
Mrs. Suzanne Morton
Mr. Patrick O'Brien
Nicole Paolucci
Marian Shoemaker

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