Student Council

The purpose of this Student Council is to establish, regulate, coordinate, and maintain student activities for the benefit of all students of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. In particular, this will be to: promote a Christian atmosphere at school in all of the relationships between students, faculty, and administration, and act as the official voice of the student community in its dealings with the faculty, administrators, parents, and the community. 

Executive Officers

President: Desmond Manley 
Vice-President: Quincy Powers
Secretary: Gia Abucejo
Spirit Director: Ryan Bronowski

Class Officers

Senior Class

President: Jenna Taha
Vice-President: Kevin Rybka
Secretary: Maura O'Connor
Spirit Director: Allison Tomaszewski

Junior Class

President: Andrew McSteen
Vice-President: Abigail Minear 
Secretary: Diana Metzler
Spirit Director: Chase Powers

Sophomore Class

President: Ahnya Anderson
Vice-President: Luke Werckman
Secretary: Annie Watson
Spirit Director: Annabelle Englehart

Freshman Class

President: Andy Thomas
Vice-President: Julia Pentasuglio
Secretary: Mia Chirakos
Spirit Director: Gabe Delgado

Advisors: Mr. Justin Corbett

Meeting Time: Homeroom

Meeting Place: Room 221