STVM Earns Prestigious State of Ohio STEM School Designation

Jun 08, 2017

St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, recognized statewide as leading the way in science and technology, is officially designated as a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) school by the Ohio Department of Education.

As one of 44 schools and the ONLY Catholic high school in the state of Ohio, STVM joins eight Catholic elementary schools (all in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland!) who have earned the STEM designation. Our STEM proposal was submitted to and reviewed by the STEM Committee and the Ohio STEM Learning Network under the governance of the Ohio Department of Education. 

"This designation puts an official title on the excellent science and technology work our school has been doing for years. Some of our local Catholic grade schools also hold this designation, including St. Vincent and St. Sebastian, so our own STEM designation makes STVM the ideal high school choice for students coming through those elementary STEM programs,” explained former STVM Principal and current teacher Robert Brownfield. 

Science and technology has always been at the forefront of learning at STVM. In 2004, we opened our Center for Science and Technology (CST) which is still a premier center for inquiry-based learning using start-of-the-art technology. Adding to the momentum that the CST added to our curriculum, in 2009, STVM partnered with The University of Akron to afford our students the opportunity to learn the scientific process through hands-on experience. Approximately two-thirds of the students who have participated in this program have gone on to select a science major or focus on engineering. With pioneering programs like robotics, rocketry and environmental studies in our outdoor garden and following the model of our University of Akron partnership, our STEM designation will helps us grow new programs and foster new relationships to further our innovation. 

“I am so delighted to have received this designation, as it recognized the excellent work that our teachers do in all curricular areas, not just the STEM fields,” said Brownfield. “A common misconception is that STEM schools focus exclusively on Mathematics and Science; this is certainly not the case. In fact, one of the most significant parts of the STEM designation is having a robust, interdisciplinary humanities program, another hallmark at STVM for many, many years. Essentially what this designation does is certify us as having a cutting edge program in preparing our students for STEM career fields." 

Our school, our state and our nation have recognized that it is critical for schools to foster intellectual, entrepreneurial and technical talent. Through extensive studies involving leaders in government, industry and institutes of higher education a correlation has been recognized between future economic growth and prosperity and the success of our schools to drive the relevance of science and mathematics. As STVM utilizes this designation we will continue to be true to our mission and to be a vital part of the Akron community.

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