Senior Information

Due to the overwhelming amount of information that the seniors are accountable for knowing in their final year at St. Vincent-St. Mary, this page is dedicated to trying to inform both students and parents about important information and upcoming events.

Senior Packet

Download the Senior Packet in order to stay informed of the end-of-year activities planned for senior students.

Senior Seminar PowerPoint Presentation

Download the Senior Seminar PowerPoint presentation by the college counselors.

Requirements for Senior Yearbook Pictures

Carmen Studios, our official school photographer, will be the ONLY accepted photographer for the official yearbook photo. No pictures from other studios will be accepted! The due date for senior pictures is the end of January 2021. There will be a retake day here at school; no date has been scheduled yet. Seniors can go to the studio for photos as well. Carmen Studios has provided the codes to Mrs. Dolan for those that have taken a picture already to be able to choose their best pose. When the photos are ready she will share the codes with the seniors.

The cost is free UNTIL this date, please read the requirements below. You will be charged for retakes. If a photo needs to be corrected (ie. facial hair/beards erased or cleavage covered) we will reserve the right to alter photos. 

Any pictures not meeting the following requirements will NOT be placed in the yearbook!

The yearbook criteria for these photos are as follows:

  1. Students must be in formal dress code  (Shirt and tie for boys, dress shirt or dress for girls).  Any student whose picture does not comply with the standards set by the school will NOT be pictured in the book!
    • Boys are NOT permitted to wear earrings, t-shirts, denim shirts, have long hair or sideburns or facial hair, ie. mustaches etc.
    • Girls are NOT permitted to wear tank tops, sleeveless tops/dresses, sheer blouses or sweaters, off the shoulder tops, t-shirts, jean jackets, wear revealing tops showing cleavage or have facial jewelry/piercings visible.
  2. This is a formal picture and boys MUST wear a shirt and tie, suit jackets are optional; girls must wear a blouse or top that is not low-cut or too tight.
  3. No hands or props are permitted in the photo.  
  4. Photos will be taken in color with a neutral background.  

*Carmen Studios will send the photos directly to the yearbook staff.  They are aware of our requirements. They can be contacted at (330) 253-7781 if you have any questions.

*If you have any questions, please contact the yearbook adviser, Beth Dolan, at (330) 253-9113 or