School Day Information

Daily Bell Schedule

Regular (Green) Schedule
Period 1 - 8:00-8:43
HR - 8:47-9:02
Period 2 - 9:06-9:49
Period 3 - 9:53-10:36
Period 4 - 10:40-11:23

Students with Lunch 1
Lunch 1 - 11:27-11:52
Period 5B - 11:56-12:39
Period 6B - 12:43-1:26

Students with Lunch 2
Period 5A - 11:27-12:10
Lunch 2 - 12:14-12:39
Period 6B - 12:43-1:26

Students with Lunch 3
Period 5A - 11:27-12:10
Period 6A - 12:14-12:57
Lunch 3 - 1:01-1:26

Period 7 - 1:30-2:13
Period 8 - 2:17-3:00

Here is a list of our alternative bell schedules.

Important Dates

*2020-2021 School Year

Download the 2020-2021 school calendar with all important dates listed for the year.

*This file is posted at the beginning of each school year, so please keep in mind that these dates are subject to changes. Our most up-to-date online calendar can be found on our DynaCal page.

Direct Extension Numbers

Use these direct extensions in order to contact the correct person/department: 

Bookstore - 330-996-0002
Athletics Office - 330-253-9114
Attendance Office - 330-253-9116
Technology Helpdesk - 330-253-9115
Front Office - 330-253-9113

STVM Visitor Policy

STVM has instituted a visitor’s policy in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our faculty, staff and students.  Alumni are welcome to return and visit their former teachers and mentors.  Advance notice to the faculty and staff is recommended in order to minimize disruption to the school day and normal daily operations.  All visitors to the school are to report to the front office (flag pole entrance), sign in, wait to be authorized and given a visitor pass.  The teacher or staff member being visited will be notified and will arrive at the front office to accompany the visitor through the school. 

How to Report Your Student Off Sick

  • Call the Attendance Line directly 330.253.9116
  • Leave a message if the line is busy!

How To Pick Up Your Student Early

  • Call the Attendance Line directly 330.253.9116
  • Leave a message if the line is busy...
  • ...or send in a note to the Attendance Secretary in the morning.
  • Your student must sign out at the Attendance Office before leaving.
  • Pick up your student at the N. Maple St. entrance by the flagpole.
  • Upon returning to school, your student must sign in again at the Attendance Office.

School Lunch Made Easy!

  • Follow this link
  • User ID is your Student # (NOT your Pot O' Gold card #)
  • Here you can view your student's lunch account and check its activity.
  • You may add money to the account by cash, check, or credit in the STVM Bookstore.