Katie Pamer VM13 Uncovers STVM Connection While Remodeling Home

Feb 09, 2021

When Katie Pamer VM13 moved to her first home in West Akron in the fall of 2020, she instantly fell in love with its character and charm. Like any first-time home buyer, she was excited to make it her own. As Pamer started to peel back layers of wallpaper, she not only came across funny messages that the previous owners wrote on the walls, she came across a list of nine family member's names from 1977 and quickly realized this home had a STVM connection to the Mullin family, whose legacy runs deep on Maple Street. 

From Katie Pamer VM13:

I found this Akron home a few months ago and immediately fell in love with it. Both the interior and exterior were full of character, and I was excited to make it my own. In order to do that, however, it required much renovation. Almost every room was wallpapered (over old wallpaper), so I needed to completely strip and re-drywall in some areas. My dad and brothers helped me with this process, and once walls were stripped, we found some pretty amazing surprises. There was writing all over the walls, including months and years of updates that were made to the house, as well as funny messages about all the wallpaper in the house. The best surprise, however, was a list of the NINE family members who lived in the house, along with their ages from 1977. The last name written on the walls sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until a STVM Alumni envelope was accidentally sent to my house for the previous owners, that I realized I purchased my house from a fellow Fighting Irish. How incredible is it that this house is staying in the Irish family?! St. Vincent-St. Mary Hail!

From Dan Mullin VM74:

The Mullin family moved to the home on Merriman Rd. in 1964. The seven siblings and their parents enjoyed this home immensely. They were surrounded by many other Catholic families who had many children as well. It was a great place to grow up. Two of the Mullin children attended STVM, *Kathy Mullin Cole VM73 and myself, Dan Mullin VM74. This past summer Mrs. Mullin decided to downsize and move into a condo to take advantage of first floor living. The lucky purchaser of this beautiful home turned out to be a STVM alum as well, Katie Pamer VM13. 

*Kathy Balaun Mullin VM87 (wife of John Mullin) and their children Jack Mullin VM18 and Julia Mullin VM21 are part of the Mullin legacy at STVM as well.