STVM Student Launch Team's Proposal Accepted by NASA for Student Launch Challenge in Huntsville, AL

Oct 04, 2019

(Photos are of the 2019 Student Launch Team)

On Thursday, October 3, STVM Science Teacher and Student Launch Advisor Mr. Bob Engels received news that the STVM Student Launch team's proposal had been accepted by NASA. This confirms that they will once again be competing as one of the select few high schools in the United States at the NASA Student Launch Competition in Huntsville, Alabama in April 2020. This will be the team's sixth trip in seven years. STVM is one of only two high schools in Ohio to qualify for this elite competition and one of only 64 college/university, high school or middle school institutions in the United States that will be participating.

The NASA Student Launch Challenge engages students in a research-based, experiential exploration activity. Teams participating in the challenge must design, build and launch a reusable rocket with a scientific or engineering payload, capable of reaching an altitude of one mile. To qualify, eligible schools’ students must write a proposal based on NASA's Statement of Work and Request for Proposal and be selected as with any other competitive bidding process.

The STVM Student Launch Team is made up of 15 students ranging from sophomores to seniors. They started working on their proposal for the 2020 NASA Student Launch Competition in June of 2019. After several months of work, they submitted their near 50-page proposal to NASA. Over the next several months leading up to the competition in April, they will be putting their theories into practice.

Congratulations to Mr. Engels and the Student Launch Team for their hard work in achieving this amazing goal!

2019-2020 STVM Student Launch Team

Isabelle Davis
John Faetanini
Charles Gegick
Lilian Holstein
Kaitlin Kemp
Matthew McCary
Maura O'Connor
Logan Olson
Noah Presley
Aidan Sivak
Elliot Whitmyer

Maeve Gaffney

Luke Gegick
Nicholas May
Xavior Vesco