STVM Student Experience Spotlight: Irish Athletes for Christ

Nov 16, 2017

Irish Athletes for Christ (IAC) is a program to help athletes develop in virtue, character, and discipline using athletics to honor God in all aspects of life. Its goals are to:

  • Provide an alliance of faith
  • Provide mentorship to athletes
  • Provide witness talks of faith
  • Provide fellowship
  • Help to develop the soul of the athlete
  • Encourage growth in virtue
  • Strengthen faith with God
  • Increase the athlete’s devotion to spiritual growth

Find out more about IAC by visiting their web page:

IAC has held three meetings so far this year. In the first meeting in September, we welcomed former student-athlete Mark Murphy, Jr. VM12 to speak to our members. Mark recently started a non-profit group called FullyEquipped to help provide athletic apparel and equipments to underprivileged youth teams. The first group that his non-profit helped to provide for was the North High School football team. In November, we will have a spirit dress down day at school, in which the proceeds will go to help benefit FullyEquipped. Find out more about his non-profit at:

In our October meeting, we watched an inspiring story about a young boy named Josiah Viera who has an extremely rare disease called Progeria. Patients with Progeria have a very short life span, but Josiah has beaten the odds, in part to a great spirit and attitude. Josiah has a deep passion for the sport of baseball and has made the most out of his life, often playing or being around baseball on a daily basis. You can find out more about Josiah's story: YouTube Video & News Story Video Update.

In November, IAC will welcomed Carla Chapman Sibley VM81 to speak to our group. Carla was a member of the 1979 and 1980 Girls State Championship basketball teams at STVM. After her career at STVM, she moved on to continue her academic and basketball career at The Ohio State University. She spoke to our students about the importance of faith and trusting God's plan. Carla is the Director of Community Relations for Akron Public Schools.

In December, IAC will be teaming up with the Salvation Army to package and deliver toys to children in the Akron-area. Students who are interested can sign up on our Google Form.