STVM Model U.N. Winning Streak Continues

Nov 17, 2017

Congratulations to STVM's internationally-recognized Model United Nations team for their first place win at the Cleveland Council on World Affairs Fall Model United Nations conference. The team of 20 delegates received the “Best Delegation” award making 11 delegations and winning 11 individual team awards.

Gavel Best Delegate: Alexia Peart, Cydnee Livingston and Fiona Gaffney

Superior Delegate: Mikey Dianetti, Matthew Dennee, Olivia Janolo, James Gupta and Vince Glidden

Excellent Delegate: Mike Chmura

Honorable Delegate: Ryan Thune and Maeve Gaffney

The STVM team delegates attending: Vince Glidden, Mike Chmura, Mikey Dianetti, Ryan Thune, Alex Albanese, Cydnee Livingston, Fiona Gaffney, Olivia Janolo, Ryan Smith, Owen Presper, Madison Glenn- Lawson, Zoe Brown, Alexia Peart, Olivia Gupta, Mary Jewell, Matthew Dennee, Jacob Thomas, James Gupta, Desmond Manley and Maeve Gaffney.