STVM Local History Class Welcomes Mr. Dave Lieberth, Explores Cascade Locks

Sep 08, 2017

This week, Mr. Boarman's Local History class has been learning about Akron's early history. On Wednesday, Mr. Dave Lieberth V65, former Akron Deputy Mayor/Chief of Staff and current contributor and supporter of many local organizations, spoke to Mr. Boarman's students about a wide range of topics that helped shape Akron into what it is today. The presentation did a wonderful job of connecting the students to Akron's vibrant past. We would like to thank Mr. Lieberth for the time to share his passion for Akron with us!  

On Thursday, Local History students walked down the street to the old Village of Cascade where the Cascade Locks park is located in order to get a feel for what life during the era of canals was like in the 1800s in Akron. Through their historical marker search, one student even found a photo of St. Vincent-St. Mary students, who were a part of the excavation process before the creation of the park.

Through this walking tour, students were able to understand how Akron's system of canals helped to contribute to the growth of industry and the growth of the city throughout the mid/late 19th and early 20th Century.