STVM Community Celebrates Mass with Bishop Nelson Perez Presiding

Feb 06, 2019

On Tuesday, February 5, our St. Vincent-St. Mary community had the opportunity to celebrate Mass with Bishop Nelson Perez presiding. It was truly a blessed day!

During his homily, Bishop Perez queried our students about why they love STVM. As students referenced traditions and family, Bishop Perez mentioned LeBron James’ quote “Never forget where you came from.” He spoke to our students of all the gifts they have received and the sacrifices people make on their behalf. Bishop Perez reminded them that they may not understand how much others have sacrificed for them until much later in their lives but they should be thankful for those sacrifices. They helped them get to where they are today. 

After Mass, Bishop Perez shared lunch with our students in the Jack and Ann Haag Student Center. Students had the opportunity to chat with him and ask him any questions they wanted.

Thank you Bishop Nelson Perez for visiting us at STVM! We hope you come back again soon!

Learn more about Bishop Perez's visit to STVM on the Diocese of Cleveland's website.