NASA Student Launch Team Prepares for Final Launch

Apr 27, 2021

Good luck to our NASA Student Launch team as they complete their final launch today. Due to the pandemic, the team will not be traveling to Huntsville, Alabama where the NASA Student Launch competition takes place annually during a typical year. Instead, they will be launching in Amherst, Ohio.

The name of this year's vehicle is Apollo’s Arrow. In a school year defined by the pandemic, the vehicle was named after the Greek god of healing. Apollo is also the god of the sun and the payload experiment is centered around solar tracking. The mission includes the launch of a vehicle to a target altitude of 5,100 feet and the successful deployment of a payload from the interior payload bay of the vehicle.

The payload will land independently using a system of legs that deploy upon release from the vehicle. The payload will then self-level using a gimbal and rotate a solar panel to the position of optimal radiant energy. This payload is intended to resemble the systems used by rovers on other planets when they use solar power to charge their batteries.

We are so proud of these students for their dedication and for the extensive hours put toward this project. Their hard work will pay off today!