Melanie Mohler VM14 Speaks to Spanish Classes About Importance of Learning a Second Language

Feb 14, 2020

Melanie Mohler VM14 engaged with Mrs. Llerena's Spanish classes recently about the importance of learning a second language. Melanie took five years of Spanish at St. Vincent-St. Mary and continued her Spanish studies in Salamanca, Spain. 

After she graduated from college in 2018, she worked for the government of Spain as an english teaching assistant in a bilingual school in the small town of Pedrera in the Province of Seville. Melanie lived there for eight months and if it wasn’t for her Spanish speaking skills, she wouldn’t have survived there. Melanie said, “There were only few people that spoke English there so I needed to use my Spanish most of the time. I realized that my Spanish improved a lot by leaving there.”

At the end of her presentation, our Spanish students asked her questions about what kind of foods people eat in Spain, traditions, school day, ways of transportation, ways of living, and about her teaching job in Spain.

Thank you Melanie for coming and talk to our students. You are an inspiration to them! #IrishForever