Landry McVicker VM20 Speaks at First Friday Club of Greater Akron Luncheon

Mar 09, 2020

On Friday, March 6, senior Landry McVicker joined other Catholic high school students from the greater Akron area to speak about "How God Has Walked with Me Through High School" at the First Friday Club of Greater Akron Luncheon at Tangier. Landry spoke about the influence that love has played on her time at STVM and how it has positively shaped and impacted her experience. Congratulations to Landry for such a beautiful speech and for representing STVM at the First Friday luncheon! We are Irish proud!

Every month, a group of STVM students attend the First Friday luncheon, which is a great resource for growth in faith for our staff and students. Learn more about the First Friday Club of Greater Akron here: