Julia Pentasuglio Named STVM's 2021-2022 Poet Laureate

Jun 08, 2021

STVM is proud to present our new 2021-2022 Poet Laureate: Julia Pentasuglio. Her poem was selected as the winning submission among some truly wonderful entries. Congratulations, Julia!

“No New Beginnings” by Julia Pentasuglio

Up, the sun went, cracked open for the clouds
Before her soul repaired. Mangled skin and
Flesh, tattered like clothes stitched together with
The false presumption of new beginnings.
Belly like a bowl, gaping and empty.
Too wide for the bandage of sleepless nights
Where the ache can’t dissolve. Hunger remains
Unsatisfied. Today’s a new day but
The unfed, the unloved, the figments of
Another world, face no― “New beginnings''
They say, reaching out a courteous hand.
A dollar served with the absence of eyes.
The help of strangers cannot fulfill the
Needs of the unluckiest millions.
When the masses restart their lives at dawn,
The troubles of yesterday renew for
The unfed, the unloved, the people left
As the fragments of our unjust nation.
There are no new beginnings for the starved.
Hunger awaits in the morning just like night.