House System Captains & Chaplains Announced

Jun 18, 2020

St. Vincent-St. Mary is proud to announce the selection of House Captains and House Chaplains for the 2020-2021 school year! Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, we have pushed the launch of our House System to the second semester of the upcoming school year, but staff and students have still been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for this exciting venture!

The role of the Captains will be to organize students to plan events, work with faculty, staff and students to ensure a positive and productive experience and to ensure progress in the House System. The role of Chaplains is to be leaders of faith. This includes organizing service projects, prayer services, Mass, and promoting a Christian atmosphere.

They are all required to lead by example and be high quality individuals. Students were selected by applying and interviewing with the House Leadership team and approved by administration. 

Congratulations to our Captains and Chaplains for the 2020-2021 school year! 


  • Mary Jewell
  • Natalie Folatko
  • Abby Minear
  • McKenna Warren
  • Chase Powers
  • Andrew McSteen
  • Eric Brown
  • Johnny Lloyd


  • Jackson Deitrick
  • Jimmy Gupta
  • Carter Caputo
  • Luke Dobson
  • Emily Bame
  • Annie Hart
  • Abby May
  • Angela Peterson

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