House Leaders for 2021-2022 Announced

Mar 18, 2021

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 House Leadership team! After the Academic Letter Assembly yesterday, these individuals were announced and recognized in front of the senior class and virtually to the rest of the student body. They had to go through an application and interview process before being selected. We are excited for their leadership in the second year of the House System!

Ash House

  • Captains: Aidan Gorr, Joe Colby
  • Chaplains: Sarah Gordon, Luka Krejsa

Hawthorn House

  • Captains: Mike Eickhoff, Ahnya Anderson
  • Chaplains: Annabelle Englehart, Kasey Brown

Holly House

  • Captains: Jackson Buckner (not pictured), Katalina Xayavong
  • Chaplains: Tyler Fram, Andie McKnight

Oak House

  • Captains: Laney King, Amelia Moll
  • Chaplains: Lily Knox, George Linberger