House Day Chronicles: Crosswords & Scavenger Hunts!

Jan 14, 2021

The first House day after Christmas break ended up being one that students will never forget! What started out as a routine day of challenges and teamwork turned into a highly competitive and fun event. Each House mentor group was tasked with completing a Kahoot, a crossword puzzle and a scavenger hunt...all with random questions that tested the students' knowledge. The scavenger hunt proved to be the marquee event where it was a race against time to see who could gather all of the clues scattered around the school or complete the most before the day ended. Points are still be tallied and will be announced soon!

Of all of the challenges that this school year has presented, launching the House System with COVID-19 guidelines has been one of the most difficult hurdles, but our House team has done an amazing job creating fun and engaging activities for our students. To learn more about the House System, visit the link below.

Learn more about the STVM House System