The Class of 2020 Reflects On Time at STVM

May 19, 2020

On Thursday, March 12, the STVM seniors attended what would be their final day of school on Maple Street. This time of year is so special on many different levels for them. Countless traditions take place that they all look forward to: senior week, their Capstone Experience, prom, the Farewell Mass, Baccalaureate, Graduation...and that final run through the hallways.

As a way to continue to honor our seniors, we want to encapsulate the emotion of this moment and the impact that STVM has on our students by posting a series of reflections from the #Classof2020. Follow us on social media (@stvmirish) to see when new reflections are posted throughout the month of May. Any that have been posted will be displayed here. We hope you enjoy hearing from our seniors!