Mr. Boarman's Local History Students Explore the History of the Cascade Valley

Sep 15, 2020
Mr. Boarman’s Local History students took advantage of the beautiful weather and STVM’s close proximity to so much of Akron’s history by spending some time this afternoon exploring the early history of the Cascade Valley. They are...

STVM "HAPS" Students Use Mathematical Model to Determine Pendulum's Length

Sep 15, 2020
Our Honors Algebra II / Physics (HAPS) students were recently asked to find the relationship between a pendulum's period and length in order to develop a mathematical model. Mr. Engels & Ms. Sanor recently took their students down to...

STVM Hosts First All School Virtual Mass of the Year

Sep 08, 2020
On Wednesday, September 9, Fr. Norm Douglas of St. Vincent de Paul led us in celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit while students watched a live stream of Mass in the House Mentor Groups. Although it was different than our normal...

McKenzie Gerzanics VM12 Appointed to Serve as Student Trustee on the University of Akron's Board of Trustees

Sep 04, 2020
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has appointed McKenzie K. Gerzanics VM12 to serve as a student trustee on The University of Akron Board of Trustees. The appointment was effective July 31, 2020. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology,...

Kevin Feezel VM17 Elected as University of Akron's Student Body President

Sep 03, 2020
Last spring, Kevin Feezel VM17 was elected Student Body President at the University of Akron for the 2020-2021 school year. His platform, "#ZipsHeartbeat," focuses on addressing student mental health, food and housing insecurity, and...

STVM Hosts Successful Weekend of Events at Green Street Stadium

Aug 31, 2020
Over the weekend, numerous athletic events were hosted at Green Street Stadium / John Cistone Field, which allowed numerous sports teams and the marching band perform in front of families, friends and fans. After a summer full of...