AP Environmental Science Students Perform Field Work in the STVM Garden for Multi-Week Eco-Lab

Sep 22, 2020

Students in Mrs. Miller's AP Environmental Science class were performing field work in the STVM Garden recently for a multi-week eco-column lab. The purpose of the eco-column lab is to create an independent, self-functioning ecosystem from which the chemical cycles could be observed and recorded for analysis. The eco-column will be constructed from non-permeable plastic bottles. 

On September 22, they learned how to capture, identify and release organisms using field guides and their phones. After they determine what organisms we have in our ecosystem, they will research what the organisms eat and who eats them. Once they have gathered all of this data, they will build a mini eco-system that is built on those relationships. 

This will take about six weeks of monitoring and observation to determine how the components of an ecosystem function or don't function properly. They will write a final paper about those interactions and explain the importance of balancing the numbers and variety of organisms in a food chain of an ecosystem.