Academic Letter, AP Scholars and National Commended Scholar Students Honored at All-School Assembly

Nov 01, 2019

On Wednesday, October 30, STVM staff and students gathered in the Arena to honor the 2019 Academic Letter Award winners, AP Scholars and our National Merit Commended Scholar. Academic Letters were awarded to individual students, thus making those students eligible to purchase a school letter jacket, plus have the letter placed on the front and Lamp of Learning on the back of the jacket. In order to be considered for the Academic Letter Award, students must: 

  • Be at least a sophomore.
  • Receive eight or more class/course academic awards in the Spring Academic Award presentations (this may be cumulative). 
  • Be in good standing with the Dean of Students in terms of discipline and attendance. 
  • Hold a cumulate grade point average of at least 3.3. 
  • Seniors are eligible for a second-year award upon receiving an additional 8 class academic award.

First Year Academic Letter Award Winners

Congratulations to these students on earning a first-year Academic Letter Award!


  • Isabelle Davis
  • Nichelle Mosley 
  • Jacob Pentasuglio
  • Noah Presley
  • Jenna Taha


  • Lucille Chmura
  • Jackson Deitrick
  • Maeve Gaffney
  • Nicole Reese

Second Year Academic Letter Award Winners

Congratulations to these students on earning a second-year Academic Letter Award!

  • Victoria Lucas
  • Natalie Tobin

National Merit Scholars

Congratulations to our National Merit Commended Scholar! Commended Scholars are earned by students who have scored in the top 3% of the approximately 1.5 million students who took the PSAT test in 2018. 

  • Natalie Tobin

AP Scholars

Congratulations to our AP Scholars, which is a designation granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.

  • John Faetanini
  • Madison Glenn-Lawson
  • Margaret McCarron
  • Jacob Pentasuglio
  • Noah Presley
  • Kevin Reese
  • Kevin Rybka
  • James Thomas
  • Natalie Tobin
  • Elliot Whitmyer