2019 Career Connections Engages STVM Students With Over 100 Career Professionals

Nov 07, 2019

Our 2019 Career Connections event was a major success! We welcomed over 100 career professionals from a wide-range of career fields into the Lebron James Arena to interact with students from every grade level. This is one of the many ways our school and Counseling Department help to prepare our students for their journey after STVM.

During this event, all of our students had an opportunity to talk with professionals of interest. Prior to this event, students were given a list of all the professionals that are attending and were told to highlight five that they wanted to talk with. They were also given questions to ask the professionals. All sophomores, juniors, and seniors have taken a Career Interest Assessment on Naviance and were encouraged to login to their account and see which careers fit their interests prior to attending this event.

After Career Connections, all students are required to write a one page paper in their English class on one professional they talked to and what they learned about that career field. This event is very important in helping to prepare our students for their future after STVM. We want them all to have the knowledge necessary to be able to pursue the career that is the best fit for them and their skill set.

Thank you to all of the career professionals who sacrificed time out of their morning to help our students grow!

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