Maple St. Madness

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Another year of Maple Street Madness has concluded and we have a new winning class this year! Congratulations to St. Vincent-St. Mary Class of 2005 who won it all with the Championship Round Percentage of 41.7%! The 2022 Maple Street Madness challenge had 511 alumni participate, with 102 as first-time donors. The total amount of funds raised during this month-long alumni competition was $14,245 and we are so grateful for your generosity! Be sure to check back in 2023 for Maple Street Madness- you don't want to miss out!

Attention all St. Mary, St. Vincent and St. Vincent-St. Mary Alumni: get ready to participate in the ultimate alumni fundraising competition that will redefine "High Atop a Hill in Akron" and decide which class reigns supreme! This month-long giving challenge will incorporate an NCAA-style bracket competition that incorporates graduating classes from all three schools. The winning class(es) will have bragging rights as well as a complimentary tailgate hosted for them at the varsity football game on September 2, 2022 (view the rules/info below for more details)!

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View & Download the Bracket

Ways to Donate Toward Your Graduation Year

  • Give through our online donation form
  • Give through Venmo
    • Please note school, graduation year and maiden name if applicable in memo line
    • To be entered into the prize drawing, email your most up-to-date address to

Be Sure to Check Back Next Year for Maple Street Madness!!

Tournament Schedule

Round 1: February 1-7
Round 2: February 9-13
Round 3: February 15-18
Round 4: February 20-23
Round 5: February 25-26
Championship: February 28

Rules & Competition Information

  • Round advancement is based on participation (# of donations) from each class throughout the challenge, NOT amount donated
    • Minimum donation amount is $5
  • The giving percentages for each class will drop to zero to begin each round. A list of overall class giving percentages will be generated at the end of the challenge.
  • Percentages and rankings will be posted via social media and email after each round
  • Round Breakdown
    • 1: Tuesday, February 1 through Monday, February 7 - 64 classes compete
    • 2: Wednesday, February 9 through Sunday, February 13 - 32 classes compete
    • 3: Tuesday, February 15 through Friday, February 18 - 16 classes compete
    • 4: Sunday, February 20 through Wednesday, February 23 - 8 classes compete
    • 5: Friday, February 25 through Saturday, February 26 - Final Four
    • CHAMPIONSHIP: Monday, February 28
  • Each round, a lucky participant’s name will be entered into a drawing to receive a gift from the STVM Bookstore
  • The class that wins the Championship Round will receive a grand prize; a complimentary tailgate hosted for them at the varsity football game on September 2, 2022!