Learning Resource Center

Sr. Bernard M. Friess Learning Resource Center

Hours: 7:00 a.m-4:00 p.m.
Staff: Mrs. Kelly Gupta, Library/Media Specialist
Mrs. Barbara Wood, Librarian
Contact Us: 330-253-9113 x117 

The St. Vincent-St. Mary School Learning Resource Center (LRC) exists to serve students and staff. Its primary purposes are to support the curriculum, to teach library and research skills, to promote information literacy, and to meet the growing needs and interests of students. Teachers may schedule their classes to use the LRC, its resources and computers. Students are also welcome during their study halls and before/after school. 

Located on the top level of the school, the LRC is spacious, accessible, and arranged to accommodate students both in the reference room, at the tables, or at the computers in the outer area. The catalog of materials, including both print and non-print, can be accessed electronically using the STVM website. The print collection consists of approximately 8,000 volumes. The LRC also subscribes to over 30 periodicals and newspapers. 

Inside the reference room is the Gold Lab with 30 computers. In the outer LRC are a few PCs, but many tables have electrical connections to charge student devices and to provide students with table space to work with their devices. Comfortable reading chairs are also available. A printer is available for students and staff at no charge; however, paper conservation is encouraged. A section of the LRC has also been designed to accommodate the Journalism and Yearbook classes. 

Gale Research Databases

We subscribe to Gale research datatbases for students to locate credible, quality materials for their assignments and projects; each database includes a wealth of reference book articles; journal, magazine, and newspaper articles; primary source documents; images and videos. 

Access ALL of the Gale Research Resources

Online Resources

INFOhio contains many resources for students and teachers provided through funding by the State of Ohio. To utilize this site, click on "Resources 9-12." Some of the resources require a user name and password. Here is the user/pass information: *Please contact the LRC staff or your teacher for the username and password

The Akron-Summit County Public Library includes their online catalog and many online research databases. To access online databases, though, you need an Akron-Summit County library card.