Innovation Hub

The STVM Innovation Hub is a place where students can collaborate to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. The Innovation Hub houses a variety of materials that are available for students and teachers to use within their curriculum: 3D pens; a 3D printer; Little Bits; and an Ellison Machine. The space is often used for classes to spread out and work together to complete a variety of projects, such as storyboards and three-dimensional renderings.  

Also housed in the Innovation Hub is a new broadcasting system, which allows us to broadcast our morning announcements as well as other student events. The broadcasting system will be used to record and share our Career Cafe, which is a career-based speaker series held in the Innovation Hub several times a month.

Future additions to the Innovation Hub will be a Hotronix Heat Press to use to create spirit wear as well as a 36-inch poster printer for a wide-range of academic and school uses.

Career Cafe

The Career Cafe is a speakers series that occurs several times a month in the Innovation Hub. Speakers spend time discussing their career as well as interacting with our students. This opportunity allows our students to ask specific questions about that person's career in order to better understand if that is a career path they would like to pursue. Contact Library/Media Specialist Mrs. Kelly Gupta at if you have interest in speaking at a future Career Cafe!

Past Career Cafe Speakers

Thank you to the people who generously sacrificed time out of their day to interact with our students!

  • Ms. Trish Ostroski
  • Dr. Anita Jeyakumar (Akron Children's Hospital)
  • Mr. Mike Neag
  • Detective Gary Shadie (Akron Police Department)
  • Mr. Bob McDonald (Goodyear)
  • Mrs. Karen Starr (Hazel Tree Interiors)
  • Mr. Leo Walter
  • Alyssa Johns (NICU Nurse - Akron Children's Hospital)