All students must complete four credits of mathematics to fulfill the State of Ohio's graduation requirements. The Mathematics Department offers coursework at two levels - College Preparatory (CP) and Honors/AP. Recommendations for placement are based on current coursework and meeting of pre-requisites. 

A student wishing to move into the Honors/AP program must earn an "A" or better in his/her current mathematics course, have teacher recommendation, and receive special permission from the Department Head. 

The Mathematics Department strongly recommends that students in all grades have a TI-83 or TI-84+ graphing calculator. These calculators are required for students in all courses from CP/Honors Algebra 2 and beyond. 

Mathematics Department Faculty

Ms. Angela Sanor, Department Chair
Mr. Naman Al-Niemi
Mr. Sean Brown
Mrs. Sarah Dedinsky
Mrs. Jennifer McElhaney
Mr. James Mellody

Courses Offered

Transition to High School Math
CP Algebra I  
CP Algebra II  
CP/Honors Geometry
Mathematical Connections 
Honors Algebra II & Physics
Honors Pre-Calculus     
Applied Calculus
AP Statistics  
AP Calculus   

See our course description book for complete course information

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