The four-year English program is designed to meet the needs of all students. We are preparing students for the future by integrating many different strategies, lessons, and materials to ensure valuable instruction. All students learn grammar and punctuation while perfecting the writing process. Various novels are incorporated for study throughout the year including Summer. Socratic seminars are held for discussion purposes and are graded. Students are required to take four years of English. Two levels are provided on all grade levels. Students may also have the option for an honors level course based upon grade and recommendation. In the Honors track, the History and English courses are integrated in the freshman and junior years. Students in Honors in their senior year must be recommended and accepted into the course. Students will be able to take AP American Studies in their junior year and A.P. Composition and Literature in their senior year. These courses enable them to take Advanced Placement to qualify for college credit.

Students may also choose to take any of our electives listed below. 

English Department Faculty

Mrs. Beth Dolan, Department Chair
Ms. Kaitlyn Carlier
Ms. Meghan Dannemiller
Mrs. Kathryn Milligan
Mr. Gerard Neary
Mr. Joseph Paolucci
Mrs. Alissa Danckaert Skovira

Courses Offered

Global Studies
Honors English II, III, IV
C.P. English I, II, III, IV
CCP English I
CCP English II
American Studies [AP English: Language and Comp. and AP US History] 
A.P. English Literature & Composition
Yearbook I, II, III
Speech & Presentation
Creative Writing
Introduction to Drama
Advanced Acting
Technical Theatre
Film Analysis
After School Drama/Production
Young Adult Literature

See our course description book for complete course information

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Drama and International Thespian Society
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