Updates & Resources During COVID-19 Shutdown

Letters from Mrs. Gorr | Academic Expectations & Info. | Resources

During Governor DeWine's order to cancel face-to-face schooling, we want to keep students and families as updated and informed as possible. We will continue to add information on here in the coming days and weeks, so check back frequently for updates. We will continue to share information through email and on our social media platforms.

Letters from STVM Principal Mrs. Gorr & Administration

Please read the letters from STVM Principal Mrs. Kim Gorr that were emailed out to STVM parents, students and staff members.

Academic Expectations, Information & Assistance During Shutdown

During these complicated and unique times, we strive to continue to engage with our students as a way to promote educational learning and growth. We have laid out some guidelines for teachers, students and parents so that everyone is able to clearly understand what is expected of them. Learn more here: Teacher, Student & Parent Expectations During Shutdown

During Governor DeWine's order to cancel face-to-face schooling, we want to provide students on IEPs as much support as possible. Although there are no specific guidelines on how to provide services during this time, our intervention specialists will be available to help students with their work and answer questions daily. Learn more here: Intervention Specialist & IEP Services During Shutdown

Your school counselors understand this is a stressful time and we want to let you know that we will be available during this time to support our students and families. Throughout the course of the next couple weeks, we will be offering support in multiple ways. Learn more here: Counseling Services & Resources During Shutdown

The tutors and the subject specialists at STVM are ready and prepared to assist our students during this online learning experience. See their schedules and learn more here: Tutoring & Subject Specialist Schedules During Shutdown

Due to the unprecedented circumstances facing us at the moment, for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, our service hours requirement is being changed and expanded. Learn more here: Service Hours Requirement Adjustment During Shutdown

Not sure what Google Classroom is? We're here to help! This document will give you a rundown of the basics of Google Classroom and how to manage it as a parent to best assist your child(ren). Learn more here: Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

If students need help with their Google accounts or access to any of the G Suite resources, please email (or if email is the issue, have a parent or guardian email) to helpdesk@stvm.com. This will go to Mrs. Valle, Mr. Pecchio and Mrs. Gupta, which they will be checking regularly throughout the week.