Branding Standards

Vision & Purpose

The purpose of our branding standards is to establish consistent visual elements of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in order to create a brand that is recognizable by all past, current, and prospective members of the STVM community. This allows for people to make instant connections to St. Vincent-St. Mary and easily be able to understand what our school’s identity is.

The visual elements within the branding style guide (logos, typography, schemes, and colors) help to create associations and expectations that encapsulate the beliefs and standards of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School that cannot be expressed through words alone. This will help to shape who we are, how people view our school and what we aspire to achieve.

The branding style guide has been established in order to evaluate and implement guidelines and procedures governing all school communication, written and print materials.

For questions and/or requests, please contact Director of Communications, Anthony Boarman, at

Branding Style Guide

STVM Branding Style Guide


In alignment with the branding style guide, the logos below are the only approved logos that are able to be used to represent St. Vincent-St. Mary in four formats: .eps, .pdf, .jpg and .png. For logo use requests, you can request logo access by clicking a link below. For logo adjustments to the approved one, two or three color versions for cost purposes, contact Director of Communications Anthony Boarman at

Leprechaun (Primary) // EPS | PDF | JPG | PNG

Crest // EPS | PDF | JPG | PNG

Marianist (Publications) // EPS | PDF | JPG | PNG

Marianist (Apparel/Uniforms) // EPS | PDF | JPG | PNG