Athletic Booster Club

The St. Vincent-St. Mary Athletic Booster Club supports our athletic programs by assisting in covering the expenses for team banquets, trophies, facilities maintenance, equipment and other costs that are not covered by school allocated budgets. With your membership, you will receive monthly updates, voting rights, recognition in Fall/Winter sports programs, notification of club meeting dates and more! The efforts of our members not only support and raise funds for our athletic programs, but also build friendships that last a lifetime.

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STVM Community Members and Athletic Boosters,

As we all know, our everyday life has been affected by COVID-19. We have not had a General Membership Meeting since last February, 2020. I am excited to announce that our first in person General Membership Meeting will be held on Monday, August 16th at the Pier Pavillon at John Cistone Field! We will begin at 7:00pm with social time and 7:30pm meeting.

During this past year, the Board had met a few times to continue with Booster Club business and discuss how/when we can safely move forward in person. We will kick off the 2021/2022 Booster Club year with our annual President’s Picnic on Friday, August 6th at the Pier Family Pavilion, Green Street/John Cistone field at 6:00 pm. Save the date and bring your STVM friends – all are welcome! I will be manning the BBQ and there will be good food and drinks for everyone!

We are now accepting memberships for 2021/22. The membership gifts are pretty cool – and will be distributed at the President’s Picnic! Follow the membership link on the our website to join today! You can also access information on upcoming events, dates and volunteer opportunists on our website! 

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Thank you for sticking with us through all of this. Our STVM sports teams have had some great successes! We hope that you have been following them through all of this!

Dave Muehlheim
St. Vincent-St. Mary Booster Club

The STVM Athletic Booster Club is made up of volunteers – parents, alumni and community leaders – interested in supporting our coaches and athletes on and off the field. We are always looking for more volunteers! Please email for more information on volunteering.

President: Dave Muehlheim (Father of Gina VM01) - Responsible for the club’s monthly meetings, including determining and presiding over the meeting agendas. Dave is also the chair of the President’s Picnic and the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Vice President: Marty Shaffer VM74 (Father of Gina VM02) - Chairs the annual golf outing and the basketball 50/50 program.

Treasurer: Stacey Hentosz VM88 (Mother of Michael Humphreys VM12) - Responsible for all financial aspects of the club. She oversees the club bank accounts, budgets and tax preparation and is the chair of the football 50/50 program.

Secretary: Rita Daniels (Mother of O’Dell VM94 and Aaron VM96, grandmother to O’Dell VM15) - Responsible for keeping the minutes of all Board and membership meetings.

Chairman of the Board: Bob Bertsch V67 (Father of Michael VM94 and Katy VM97) - Responsible for running Board meetings and the chair of the annual Reverse Raffle fundraiser.

Associate Board Members

  • Don Coughlin VM84, father of Joe VM12 and Allison VM 15, STVM Assistant Baseball Coach
  • Jim Currie, father of Stephen VM16 and Lauren VM18, STVM Men’s Golf Head Coach and STVM Assistant Baseball Coach
  • Chris Englehart VM86, father of Annabelle VM22, STVM Assistant Baseball Coach
  • Lou Giffels VM87, member of the Reverse Raffle fundraising committee
  • Pat Knox, father of Maura VM18, Jack VM19, Quinn VM21 and Lily VM22
  • Kristen Thomas, mother of MaryBeth VM15, Julia VM17 and Jimmy VM20

  • August 6, 2021 - 6:00 pm – President’s Picnic under the Pier Pavillon at John Cistone Field 
    • All are welcome! Join us to celebrate STVM athletics and become an athletic booster!
  • August 16, 2021 – Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Meeting at the Pier Pavillon/John Cistone Field
  • September 20, 2021 – “Meet the Fall Coaches” Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Meeting at the Pier Pavillon/John Cistone Field
  • October 18, 2021 – Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Wentz Room
  • November 11, 2021 – Reverse Raffle 6:00 pm, Guys Party Center
  • November 15, 2021 – Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Wentz Room
  • December 10, 2021 – STVM Booster Club Christmas Party - 6:00 pm, Wentz Room
  • January 22, 2002 – Hall of Fame 2022 Awards Ceremony and Reception
  • CANCELED January 25, 2022 – “Meet the Winter Coaches” Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Wentz Room
  • Tuesday, February 22, 2022 – Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Wentz Room
  • March 21, 2022 – Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Wentz Room
  • April 18, 2022 – “Meet the Spring Coaches” Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Wentz Room
  • May 1, 2022 – Hall of Fame 2023 nominations due to Dave Muehlheim 
  • May 16, 2022 – Monthly Meeting - 7:00 pm, Social/7:30 pm, Wentz Room

200 Club

  • Only 200 $50 tickets are sold for this fundraiser - and they do sell out fast! On sale starting now while they last! Drawings will be held beginning November and each month through May, at the monthly booster club meeting. Three $100 winners each month, PLUS an additional $500 winner in December. Marcy Smith is the event chair and can be reached at 330-962-4095.
    • 2020-2021 STVM 200 Club Winners
      • November $100 Winners - #106 Tom &Grace Smith, #102 Candi Weber, #096 Jerry Kelly
      • December $100 Winners - #200 Donal Utrup, #127 Jim Demboski, #047 Bob Berdis
      • December $500 Winner #053 Tricia Ovall
      • January $100 Winners - #143 Rich Hofacker, #044 Jim Demboski, #130 Jack Wisensel
      • February $100 Winners - #043 John & June Osolin, #108 Stacey Hentosz, #187 Leo Walter, III
      • March $100 Winners - #131 Denny Neman, #172 Jim Demboski, #170 Joan Langenbeck
      • April $100 Winners - #152 Capt-Pat Armr, #156 Tom Hlivk, #171 Bill Helmkamp
      • May $100 Winners - #026 Pat Thompson,  #116 Harry & Cathy Civec, #191 Tom Marks


  • 50/50 tickets are sold at the fall football games and the winter Basketball games. Each team is asked to participate and teams will receive 50% of the money collected during that game. The money will be divided by the teams represented to sell the tickets. For example, if the 50/50 raised $2000 and there are 10 people from 5 different teams helping to sell tickets - those teams will split $1000 5 ways. Football 50/50 Chair – Stacey Hentosz, Basketball 50/50 Chair – Marty Shaffer.

Reverse Raffle

  • Thursday, November  11, 2021 – for more information contact Chair Bob Bertch at (330) 618-5318

The Athletic Booster Club supports STVM sports in many ways. Each year, the athletic boosters sponsor the athlete meals for banquets and purchases the Shillelagh awards for state bound athletes. In the past we have assisted with major purchases like facility renovations and improvements, and sport specific equipment and uniforms. 

Teams are welcome to apply for assistance on team specific needs, such as additional equipment, camp fees or travel costs. Team coaches can make a request for monetary support by completing this form and getting approval from the Athletic Director for submission. 

Apply for Booster Club Support

Visit our STVM Athletic Hall of Fame page to learn about the Hall of Fame, download a nomination form, and view current Hall of Fame members.