After Prom

Dear St. Vincent-St. Mary Parents,

Prom season is fast approaching and the Parents’ Club members along with many dedicated and talented volunteers are busy planning a fun, safe, and successful Promenade and After Prom events for our students. You may not realize it but both of these events are sponsored by Parents’ Club...they are not school-sponsored events...which means we rely on both financial and manpower support coming from volunteers and donors. Also, we have separate permission forms and ticket costs from the Prom.

Here’s a quick overview on both events:

After Prom ($10 fee)

Takes place immediately following Prom and is located this year at The Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium (2345 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, 44221). This event will take place beginning at 11:00pm and ending at 2:00am. The purpose of After Prom is to provide a safe, supervised, and substance-free party for your student. The night is full of fun games, prizes and lots of food. This year, students have the option of swimming if they choose to do so. Also, your Junior or Senior student doesn’t have to attend Prom in order to attend After Prom. They can enjoy the AfterProm event with their classmates even if they don’t attend the Prom.

How Can You Help?

Encourage your student to attend After Prom. Don’t host parties (or allow your student to attend ones) that include alcohol and/or drugs. Donate $10 or more to Parents’ Club so that we can send each student home with a gift/favor bag. We will also be raffling off at least 20 other larger prizes/baskets, so if you want to donate anything for the larger raffles please let us know. If you want to help supervise at the event, please let us know. With the larger facility this year we will be supervising a larger area.

We appreciate any support that you can provide for the two events. Feel free to contact Jamie Mellinger at if you have any questions or would like to help in some way. All forms and information can be found on the STVM website under the “forms” section.

Important Documents and Forms

Prom Frequently Asked Questions

After Prom Parent Letter & Donation Form

After Prom Permission Form