Right to Life

The St. Vincent-St. Mary Right To Life chapter is an active and vital component our of Social Justice focus.  The activities during the year include:

  • Life Chain  - occurs during the month of  October during Respect Life Month
  • 40 Days of Prayer – occurs during the month of October and blends into November
  • Spring Baby Shower – annual collection of items purchased, donated or hand-made for moms and their babies
  • Life March in Washington, DC  - student attend the Life March to commemorate the Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion
  • Day of Silent Solidarity - an annual tradition which includes a “day of silence” that STVM initiated during the 2007-2008 school year  for those who have had their voices silenced (through abortion, or other violence).
Pro-Life T-Shirt Day – Students purchase and wear the Pro-Life t-shirts on the day designated.