Student Council

The purpose of this Student Council is to establish, regulate, coordinate, and maintain student activities for the benefit of all students of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. In particular, this will be to: promote a Christian atmosphere at school in all of the relationships between students, faculty, and administration, and act as the official voice of the student community in its dealings with the faculty, administrators, parents, and the community. 

Seniors: Joe Conti, Patrick McFarland, Connor McIntyre, Natalie Petit, Rachel Reese, Skylar Roberts
Juniors: Gabrielle Azar, Cindy Chen, Erica Frazier, Sean O'Brien, Owen Presper
Sophomores: Marissa Cerreto, Sarah Henderson, Megan Hurley, Jason Turschak, Christian Wierzbicki
Freshmen: Maura O'Connor, Kevin Reese, Jenna Taha, Carlina Tersigni, James Thomas

Advisors: Mr. Kevin KellyMrs. Emily BoarmanMrs. Caitlin BradleyMrs. Jen McElheneyMr. David Dages

Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 7:30 AM

Meeting Place: Room 245