Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is open to all current Spanish students with a love of the Spanish language and culture. Some activities include Latin American Feast, game night, movie/Chipotle night, Day of the Dead celebration, Christmas tree decoration, and World Languages Christmas Party. Spanish Club meets the second Thursday of each month. 

Spanish Club Board Members

  • Deviana Lal
  • Cindy Chen
  • Jane Rybka
  • Theresa Barrett

Advisor: Mrs. Barb Hilovsky, Mrs. Teresa Llerena

Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday every month, 3:10-4:10

Meeting Place: Room 256 or 342

Spanish Club News & Updates

Latin American Feast

Our Spanish club students had the opportunity to explore the tastes of foods from Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Spanish club celebrates Dia de los Muertos!

Spanish Club Members Visit Costa Rica!

STVM Spanish Club Helps Contribute to Pulsera Project

Spanish Club students helped to sell bracelets and little purses from The Pulsera Project. The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that educates, empowers, and connect Nicaraguan artists with students in more than 1,000 schools in the USA through the sale of colorful handwoven bracelets.

STVM Spanish Club Donates Books

Every year, STVM students taking Spanish classes donate children's books in Spanish. They are sent to children in Spanish-speaking countries who may not have the opportunity to read or own their own books.

Below is a picture of a 3 year old rural Peruvian boy holding a book that one of our students donated. Other books went to a daycare in Lima, Peru and to an elementary school near Cuzco. The children at that elementary school have to walk an hour and a half to get to school each day. The children, when they receive the books, look at them in awe and hug them! Our students are giving the gift of reading to the world.