Scholarship / Placement Test Registration

STVM offers merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen based on placement test performance. The top 30 scorers receive a four-year renewable Irish Academic Scholarship. STVM also offers Irish Opportunity Scholarships to incoming freshmen. These four-year renewable scholarships are based on outstanding leadership, academics, character, and integrity.

Use the following form to register for a Scholarship/Placement Test

  • The fee to take the test is $20. Cash/money order/check are accepted. All checks can be made payable to "STVM"
  • We administer the HSPT (High School Placement Test)  - all multiple choice
  • Bring TWO #2 pencils. No calculators permitted.
  • Current 8th graders only. Transfer students do not take the test.
Include their relation to the student (sibling/parent/grandparent), graduation year, and maiden name (if applicable).