Chinese Club

The STVM Chinese Club is a plethora of cultural and social bonding experiences. In the club we have events where students can eat traditional food, experience cultural events, interact with their Chinese peers, and more! Some of the culture events include dinner and movie night, calligraphy, and mask painting. Through the club students of all backgrounds can experience a culture different from their own and better relate to the people around them. (Written by: Miyuana Incarnato, Chinese Club Communications Coordinator)

2016-2017 Club Officers 

President: Brian Costigan
Vice-President: Mitch Morganti, Emma Lubes
Communications Coordinator: Miyauna Incarnato
Artistic Coordinator: Victoria Fallucco
Technology Coordinator: Collin Derrig

Upcoming Events:

  • Fri, Sep 9 - Membership applications due 
  • Mon, Sep 12 - Applications for officer positions due 
  • Thu, Sep 15 - Elections of officers 
  • Thu, Sep 15 - Mid-Autumn Festival Party (for all members in good standing)
  • Tue, Sep 27 - Foreign language club candy packing 
  • Wed, Oct 26 - Masking Painting @ LRC 
  • Wed, Nov 9 - Chinese Cultural Game Night @rm 256
  • Wed, Nov. 30 - Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Thu, Dec 8th - World Languages Clubs Christmas Party
  • Tue, Jan 31 - Chinese New Year Dumpling Party
  • Wed, Mar 29 - Chinese traditional music event   
  • Wed, April 5 - Film Slam & Cleveland Chinese grocery shopping 
  • Wed, April 26 - Dinner & Movie Night
  • Mon, May 8 - Senior Dinner @ Royal Buffet 

Advisor: Mr. Moses Wang

Meeting Time: TBA

Meeting Place: TBA

Chinese Club News

Senior Dinner - May 2017

On May 8th, on Chinese Club held its final event of the year: the Senior Dinner! For this event all members are invited to the Chinese Buffett, but seniors are treated to dinner as their departing gift. This is always a bittersweet moment for the club as we are saying goodbye to members of the club who are well-loved and many have been in for most of their high school career! The Chinese Club and its officers would like to thank everyone again for a fabulous year, especially the seniors!

Dinner & Movie Night - April 2017 

On Wednesday, April 26th, the Chinese Club again hosted a dinner and movie night for its members. For this, the club gets dinner from a fan-favorite Cantonese restaurant called Chin's Place. This is a favorite location for many STVM students, Chinese Club members or not, due to its delicious food. We then went into the STVM lecture hall to watch the movie Karate Kid. There were many cheers and laughter during this great movie. This is one of the last events of the year and always keeps the club members coming back for more!

Chinese Club Annual T-shirt - April 2017 

The Chinese Club artistic coordinator, Victoria Fallucco, created a beautiful shirt the exemplifies Chinese culture. With the red, outline of China, and signature gold stars emulating the Chinese flag and our school name written in Chinese, this shirt exemplifies both our school spirit and cultural touches. This will definitely be a shirt to remember.

Film Slam (Cleveland International Film Festival) - April 2017 

On Wednesday, April 4th, the Chinese students from STVM were invited to intend the Cleveland International Film Festival. This event was exclusive for 2nd year and Honors Chinese class. On this day we went to Tower City in Cleveland, where we got to enjoy three films in Chinese with varying subjects and locations as well. Afterwards, we enjoyed a quick lunch in Tower City before we got to go to one of the most enjoyed parts of any field trip : a journey to an authentic Chinese grocery store! Here, students can browse the aisles for all kinds of delicacies that they may purchase to enjoy. This is always fun learning experience for the students, as very often the must ask a teacher to translate a product or what a certain goodie is. This field trip is very looked forward to by the underclassmen and valued by the older students as well. We thank the CIFL for inviting us each year and we hope students can continue to enjoy this event for years to come!

Chinese traditional music event - March 2017  

On Wednesday, March 29, the Chinese Club was honored to have David Badagnani come for our first music event. Mr. Badagnani brought over 30 Chinese instruments to show us. He played multiple instruments and even let us try our hand at playing some! We saw instruments from many different time periods and all the instrument families. We even got to see a little clay instrument called a xun, a small clay instrument with holes in the sides, almost like a round recorder. It was one of the first instruments the Chinese ever developed! We had so much fun learning about and playing the instruments, and we would like to thank Mr. Badagnani for coming to show us.

Chinese New Year Dumpling Party - January 2017 

On Tuesday, January 31st, the Chinese Club held its annual dumpling party. This was in celebration of Chinese New Year, that had occurred the weekend before. Chinese New Year is often celebrated by visiting family, fireworks, gift giving, and lots of great food. Our club was lucky enough to have assistance from several people to make yummy and authentic dumplings by hand. This process is done by rolling dough, filling the dough with a meat and vegetable mix, and them boiling them until ready. This is one of our busier and most culturally fulfilling events. The Dumpling Party is always an amazing time to eat new foods, participate in an important cultural event, and also help some people feel at home for the holidays.

World Language Christmas Party - December 2016 

On Thursday, December 8th, the language clubs held our annual Christmas party. The party was full of food, laughter, and prizes for all attending foreign language club members. The event begins with a buffet of foods from all of the language's respective countries. It then continues on with several mini games. As per tradition, the Chinese Club invented and organised the games and had a table to collect prizes for the winners of these games. These games included favorites such as "peanut pick-up" and "pin the tail on Beijing". The night warmly concluded with the teachers raffling off items to their respective clubs. This event is one of the highest in attendance for all of the clubs involved and never ceases to get the student body involved as well.

Chinese Club Christmas Tree Decoration - November 2016

On Wednesday, November 30th, the Chinese Club held its annual event to decorate the club Christmas tree that will be displayed in the LRC all during the month of December. This is a special event as it allows club members to connect with other clubs who are decorating their trees as well as experience a new side of Chinese culture that they have not experienced before. The tree is decorated with many immaculate and articulate mini art pieces and cultural symbols. From mini lanterns on the tree lights to a metal ornament that is depicting a Chinese opera mask to paper cutouts of pandas, all aspects of the cultural are seen brightening up our tree. The tree is a great way to bring two beautiful cultures together during these fun holiday times.

Chinese Culture Kahoot Competition - November 2016

On Wednesday, November 9th, the Chinese Club held its 2nd annual Kahoot event. For this event, the club officers compile fun trivia and facts about Chinese history and culture to create a Kahoot quiz. Snacks and other goodies are also provided. After 46 questions, the top five students received a prize and certificate. In 1st place was Jacob Bretzin, in 2nd was Jimmy Thomas, in 3rd was Jessica Kiehnau, in 4th was Joseph Berger, and in 5th was Cole Kelley. The officers thank all who participated and who made this such a fun event!

Chinese Opera Mask Painting - October 2016 

On Wednesday, October 26th, the Chinese Club held an opera mask painting event. This is biennial event and is always very popular among the club members. These masks are meant to imitate and mimic the traditional opera masks in Chinese culture. These masks are were used in theatre and opera productions and were actually painted onto the actor's face. Each color had a significant meaning and the 'masks" on the actor's face were used to represent or symbolize different people and characters. The colors helped to show a character's role, fate, and personality. This club event gives the club members the opportunity to enjoy this extraordinary cultural activity and to better understand it as well.

World Languages Clubs Candy Packing - September 2016 

On September 26th, the Chinese Club pulled their manpower together to package candy. The candy packing is an event we have every year to help raise funds for club activities throughout the year. Chinese club does this fundraiser in coalition with the other language clubs. This is always a fun experience for those in attendance as it builds a sense of bonding and community amongst the new and old members.

Moon Festival - September 2016

The Chinese Moon, or mid-autumn, festival is one of the most significant and fun holidays in Chinese culture. On September 15th, the STVM Chinese Club got their own taste of the festival at a club event and meet-and-greet with the new Chinese international students. The event was even able to be held on the actual date of the festival itself. Many members came together to enjoy mooncakes, students talking able their festival experiences and meanings, and other goodies as well.