A new look for an old friend - John Cistone Field and Green Street Stadium

Since Green Street Stadium was constructed in 1949, Cistone Field, with its natural grass surface, has survived unpredictable northeast Ohio weather and a multitude of school and community events — about 70 to 80 a year.

All stadium renovations were complete for our first home game of the 2005 football season. Here are some facts about our new stadium:


  • Capacity: 3,000
  • Aluminum benches with closed risers (no more lost coats or seat cushions)
  • The provider of the seating also supplied for the grand stands in the south end of Ohio Stadium at The Ohio State University


  • Six 70-foot high, aluminum light poles (three poles per side)
  • Light system provided by Musco, the largest provider of interscholastic lighting in the U.S.


  • State of the art LED scoreboard display makes light bulbs a thing of the past.
  • Wireless control scoreboard provided by Daktronics, one of the nation's largest providers

Playing Surface

  • 8,400 square yards of synthetic turf
  • Field dimensions: 120 yards x 70 yards
  • Approximately 1,152 tufts (blades) per square inch
  • Playing surface has an infiltration capacity of 62 inches of rainfall per hour
  • A two-inch infill of recycled and treated ground rubber is "worked into" the playing surface for player safety
  • Same surface installed for the Baltimore Ravens and is rated as one of the top six playing surfaces in the National Football League

A New Look And Feel With Field Turf

We installed field turf, a type of artificial turf that is popular for its similarities to natural grass but is much more durable and safe because there are no divots, erosions, or inconsistencies that can cause injuries.

Artificial turf also makes sense economically. In maintenance alone, STVM spends about $18,500 a year to care for the natural grass surface. This cost has all but disappeared, as there is virtually no cost to take care of field turf, other than occasional vacuuming, raking and cleaning.

Improved Usability And Durability

A durable synthetic surface allows STVM to hold more events throughout the year, without sacrificing field conditions and risking injury to participants. This includes:

  • Regulation boys and girls soccer games and tournaments
  • Band shows and other non-athletic high school events
  • Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity football
  • Track sprints and workouts
  • STVM summer physical education program involving more than 200 students
  • Community sports activities
  • Alumni and community events in the Pier Family Pavilion

Serving The Greater Akron Community

Akron Public School, area Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), and pee-wee teams will also be able to use the field for both football and soccer.