Boys Athletics / Football

Head Coach Marcus Wattley enters his first season as head football coach for the 2016 season. Marcus is joined by a veteran coaching staff, with a few new faces. Prior to being named head coach, Marcus spent the last 10 years as an assistant coach, the defensive coordinator and the linebackers coach for the Fighting Irish. Coach Wattley graduated from Copley High School in 2000, where he played four years of football and then went on to The University of Akron. Coach Wattley said about the upcoming football season, "I am extremely humbled and honored to be taking over the program after 10 years under my father figure and role model, Coach Dan Boarman. I have been entrusted as a "care taker" of one of the oldest and most prominent football programs in the State of Ohio. I look very much forward to the season, as I have high expectations. One thing I can tell you is our kids work extremely hard and understand the road will be tough. However, every time they play, they represent the character and dignity of the Fighting Irish. That is what we expect every time." Coach Wattley and his wife, Katie, live in Canton with their daughter.

Varsity/Junior Varsity

First Row: V. Dominic (NAC), J. Sampson (Twinsburg), M. Wooldridge (St. Mary), E. Bentley (ACA), M. Williams (NAC), D. Taylor (ACA), B. Bischof (IHM), D. King (ACA) Second Row: T. Sims (Wadsworth), D. Irons (NAC), J. Martucci (St. Joseph), J. Szurgot (Streetsboro), D. Scheiman (Cloverleaf), R. Farris (Wadsworth), T. Barakat (St. Joseph), K. Shadie (Litchfield), R. Faetanini (St. Hilary), G. Schueszler (St. Francis Xavier), C. Conner (Coventry) Third Row: A. Ward (Kimpton), J. Turschak (Holy Family), J. Knox (Holy Family), R. Fischer (AI Root), B. Bilinovich (St. Vincent), D. Palmer (Summit Academy), C. Dominic (St. Anthony), G. Berroterran (Holy Family), L. Stecz (Wadsworth), J. Stecz (St. Francis de Sales), D. Brooks (St. Anthony), D. Townsend (St. Augustine) Fourth Row: T. Lattea (Chippewa), A. Mazzagatti (St. Francis de Sales), S. Baumer (St. Hilary), Z. Knezevich (St. Vincent), G. Hamilton (St. Augustine), C. Ervin (Kimpton), A. Neill (IHM), M. Simpson (Twinsburg), B. Bryant (Edison), L. Watson (St. Francis de Sales), J. Walsh (St. Sebastian), N. Holt (Brown) Fifth Row: E. Jackson (St. Anthony), N. Llewellyn (Chippewa), A. Johnson (St. Francis de Sales), Z. Markulis (Tallmadge), A. Wright (St. Mary), S. Walter (St. Sebastian), Z. Olson (Revere), J. Jackson (ACA), L. Younger (St. Mary), J. Jones (Twinsburg), D. Peeks (Twinsburg) Sixth Row: G. Lewis (East), E. Taggart (St. Sebastian), R. Cooper (IHM), C. Jones (Brown), M. Tibbs (Roswell Kent), P. Police (Wadsworth), L. Lindsay (Stow), L. Sciarretti (IHM), J. Ross (Barberton), G. Bischof (IHM)


First Row: M. Cook (Litchfield), L. Olson (Revere), D. Jones (St. Mary), A. Hamilton (St. Anthony), B. Rosenfeld (St. Sebastian), I. Stecz (St. Francis de Sales), A. Stoltz (Kimpton), Second Row: J. Peake (Roswell Kent), J. Faetanini (St. Hilary), D. Manley (Redeemer Christian), J. Burton (St. Anthony), E. Whitmyer (St. Vincent), A. Robinson (St. Paul), N. Presley (Coventry), B. Miletti (Hyre) Third Row: L. Arnett (Coventry), M. Vanscoy (Bolich), S. Washington (St. Augustine), A. Palmer (St. Vincent), J. Sampson (Tallmadge), B. modic (St. Joseph), M. Stams (IHM)